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Cleo Has Faith

Life in Merry Old England

The Stud checks out Teddy Hart

A Paparazzi photographer catches Cleopatry and Neil Faith in England

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Two stars of the Funking Conservatory have been seen together across the Pond in
Merry Old England. They will soon be traveling to Calgary, Alberta Canada for the
Family Reunion show.

They had better enjoy themselves now because our understanding is the competition
will be tough in Calgary. The challenge is out for the Brit Pack, Adam Windsor and
Neil Faith to face Bruce Hart and Teddy Hart with the Funking Conservatory Tag
Team Championship on the line.

The challenge has been thrown in the ring for Cleopatra to defend her Funking Conservatory
Women's Championship against Nattie Neidhart. If Neidhart is any near as tough
as her father, Cleopatra had better be ready for a battle.

Paparazzi telephoto lens catches Cleopatra with Neil Faith. In a hurry?

Adam Windsor will have to watch his back with Bobby BoneCrusher Smith in the
Legion of Doom Arena. Calgary's Juggernaught has been considered a likely opponent
for the BoneCrusher.

Just to make sure we get a fair shake, The Funking Conservatory will be taking our
own Referee, Claudia Rieff along on the trip to Freezer Land.

Smokin' Sam Henessy will be in Calgary as the manager of Bobby BoneCrusher
Smith. Sam would also like to get a shot and the "Rotund" Principle Pound.

The most exciting match on the card could take place if The Royal Stud responds
to the challenge of Quick Kick Kirk.

We will have confirmed the final card for the Family Reunion show in Calgary
soon. At any rate, Friday February 22 at the Legion of Doom Arena at 7:30pm
will be a day long remembered in Stampede wrestling history.

Cleopatra and Neil Faith. Is it Windsor Castle?

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More Stories of the Hart Family

Family Reunion
Friday February 22nd
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Legion of Doom Auditorium
Show Time 7:30pm
For Tickets, call - 403-279-3636
TV Production - Marti Funk

Appearing on the card for the Funking Conservatory.
Funking Conservatory World Champion Adam Windsor,
TV Champion Bone Crusher Smith,
Head Referee Claudia Rieff
Women's Champion Cleopatra
European Champion Neil Faith
Funking Conservatory's Big Man of Controversy, Smokin' Sam Henessy

Appearing in the card for Stampede Wrestling.
Bruce Hart
Teddy Hart
Eddie Mustang
Dave Swift
Vick Vane
Quick Kick Kirck
The Orderly
and others from Stampede Wrestling.

Also appearing will be Principle Pound who speaks of condemnation for all the fat
out of shape under achieving children occupying the school system of Calgary.