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On February 22, 2002 appearing for Stampede Wrestling will be The Funking Conservatory Team, Adam
Windsor, Neil Faith, Cleopatra, BoneCrusher Smith, Claudia Rieff, Smokin' Sam Henessy, Marti Funk
and Myself. Show Time is 7:30pm. at the Legion of Doom Auditorium. What should be expected when
we get to Calgary Stampede Country?

"Eh, That Italian was a big bastard and tough too. Eh I wasn't sure if I could get him off his feet, so I asked him
to get on all fours. (Amateur wrestling position) Eh, Once he was down, I eh figured I had better keep him
there, Eh he was a collegiate champion you know. With him down on all fours, Eh, I slipped behind him still
standing and jumped about three feet in the air and landed on top of him. His arms and legs collapsed and I
could hear the air rush out of him like a balloon that had just been released. Next I crossed his face and laid
my weight on him and just about the time he was struggling with all he had, I eh covered his mouth and
nose so he couldn't breath and the veins in his neck began to expand and his eyes began to bulge out and his
face turned red and eh you could feel the fear and eh, the next thing you know he eliminated in his pants."

Stu Hart was talking and Billy Robbinson and I were listening as we were traveling between Edmonton and
Regina at what seemed to be the top of the world. It was midnight and off to the north it looked as if dawn
were breaking as the sun did set but darkness never came in the summer.

Billy asked Stu if that wasn't a bit of an unfair thing to do in his Manchester accent?

Stu changed the subject to the night the wrestlers set up The Great  Marconi (Not his real name) with
Mabel. The wrestlers had informed
The Great One that one of the girls at the matches had the hots for him and couldn't wait  to meet him at
here apartment. The Great One was excited. He was so big and homely that few girls ever came on to
him. A phone call was made by the Great One and she asked if they could meet at her apartment. The
Booker, Dave Rhule would drive The Great One to meet Mabel.

The Great One knocked on her door and she was
there to meet him in a negligée. She told him about how turned on she was when she saw his big hairy body.
It was only minutes until they were in bed and the Great One was ready to perform his magic.
There was a pounding on the door. There was cursing and the door burst open and Mabel screamed
"Oh My God, It is my husband!!!" Dave Rhule was next through the door saying, "What the Hell is going
on? The man turned on Dave. The shot gun he was carrying went off and Dave was laying on the floor. The
front of his shirt was stained in red. The man turned toward The Great One and Mabel screamed, "Run
for your life, Run, He is my husband, he will kill you." The Great One ran right through the door. For that
matter, he ran right through the fence outside and all the way back to town half dressed in the middle
of winter in Calgary. (It can get to 40 below)

As The Great One burst into the night, laughter broke out as the wrestlers came out of hiding behind
the drapes. Dave Rhule got up and cleaned the catsup off the front of his shirt and opened a beer.
Mabel (In reality a girl of the night hired to play the part) joined in the laughter.

And Stu went on telling about others of the unwary who had fallen for the Mabel story and more
unsuspecting wrestlers he had trapped in the Dungeon in the basement of the Hart Mansion.

As Stu continued to talk, his head would nod and the old black limousine would swerve and one
time even hit the shoulder and Billy responded, Stu would you like me to drive?

"Eh, Oh, right Billy, If you like I will give you the wheel." Another one of Stu's tricks I had been
forewarned about.

Stu told more stories about wrestling tough shooters. There was George Gordienko, Otis Klingman,
Ruffy Selverstein, Dick Hutton and then came up Dory Funk Sr. and the time he caught The Great
Bolo outside the channel 10 TV Station and dragged him out of his car in front of his wife and she
was cursing at Dory Funk Sr.............:

Just as Stu got started on the story we arrived at the Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan.

A good night's sleep another show and we would get to do it all over again.

Dory Funk Jr., Bruce Hart, and Brian Pillman outside the Hart Mansion in Calgary, Canada.

Family Reunion
Friday February 22nd
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Legion of Doom Auditorium
Show Time 7:30pm
For Tickets, call - 403-279-3636
TV Production - Marti Funk

Appearing on the card for the Funking Conservatory.
Funking Conservatory World Champion Adam Windsor,
TV Champion Bone Crusher Smith,
Head Referee Claudia Rieff
Women's Champion Cleopatra
European Champion Neil Faith
Funking Conservatory's Big Man of Controversy, Smokin' Sam Henessy

Appearing in the card for Stampede Wrestling.
Bruce Hart
Teddy Hart
Eddie Mustang
Dave Swift
Vick Vane
Quick Kick Kwick
The Orderly
and others from Stampede Wrestling.

Also appearing will be Principle Pound who speaks of condemnation for all the fat
out of shape under achieving children occupying the school system of Calgary.
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