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Friends Forever

Family Reunion

Smith, Bruce, Keith, Ross, Dean, Bret, Owen, Ellie, Diane, Georgia, Wayne, Ellison

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The beautiful mother of 12 kids, Helen Hart with her husband, Stu Hart

In 1969 and 1970 as NWA Heavyweight Champion I traveled to Calgary to work for Stampede Wrestling's Stu Hart. Stu and Helen
Hart had a family of 12 children. There were Hart kids everywhere. They picked me up at the airport, they traveled to all the shows.
Hart kids were around ringside and even when you went out at night there were always Heart kids there.

In those days it was hard to tell the difference in them. They all had long hair even though they all blamed Wayne for being a long
hair. They all wanted to make sure I met Owen who at four years old was the baby of the family. I got introduced to him over
and over.

In the summer of 1970 I was wrestling Billy Robinson for the NWA World title. We wrestled for an hour in Calgary and then in
Edmonton and the same in Regina. In Saskatoon because of the proximity to Regina, I wrestled the Booker for Stampede Wrestling,
Dave Rhule. He asked me if I could do it and I said, "What the heck, we might as well" and I went the hour broadway with Dave
Rhule in Saskatoon. We made the long trip by car and the next day wrestled in Red Deere. My opponent was Billy Robinson.
The only place I could catch a fall on Billy was in Red Deer.

Bret Hart, Dean Hart and Bruce Hart

The day after Red Deer, I was invited to the Hart mansion for dinner. Helen and the girls did a fabulous job of cooking
and the food was delicious. There is nothing like the real estate that the old mansion sits on overlooking the city of
Calgary. After dinner things were so nice, I just causally told the family they should come to Texas for a visit some time.

I left Calgary, It was sad to leave such good friends.

About a month later, I had a week off and was at home in Texas relaxing watching TV. I received a phone call from the
police department in Canyon, Texas, my home town. It was midnight and they had picked up some strange kids with a
funny accent. They all had long hair and said they were friends of Dory Funk Jr. They were driving in one of Stu's long
black limousines. The heater was stuck in the on position and the windows would not roll down. After making the 2000 mile
trip from Calgary to Amarillo, Texas in a sweat box without a stop, according to the Canyon City Police, They were a mess.

They hadn't called or given me any indication of when they would be there. They just showed up.

Bruce, Bret and Dean had arrived. My kids were thrilled, they had someone to play with. We spent the week off skiing on
Lake Meredith and my next work was the Amarillo territory so the Hart kids hit the road with me to see the wrestling business
Texas Style.

Both our families had a great time and we became friends for life.

And now the Funking Conservatory will go to Calgary for a "Family Reunion."

Family Reunion
Friday February 22nd
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Legion of Doom Auditorium
Show Time 7:30pm
For Tickets, call - 403-279-3636
TV Production - Marti Funk

Appearing on the card for the Funking Conservatory.
Funking Conservatory World Champion Adam Windsor,
TV Champion Bone Crusher Smith,
Head Referee Claudia Rieff
Women's Champion Cleopatra
European Champion Neil Faith
Funking Conservatory's Big Man of Controversy, Smokin' Sam Henessy

Appearing in the card for Stampede Wrestling.
Bruce Hart
Teddy Hart
Eddie Mustang
Dave Swift
Vick Vane
Quick Kick Kwick
The Orderly
and others from Stampede Wrestling.

Also appearing will be Principle Pound who speaks of condemnation for all the fat
out of shape under achieving children occupying the school system of Calgary.

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