In Funk's Corner

Stu Hart

Long Haul, Texas

Photos by Marti Funk

The last time I traveled to Calgary, Alberta Canada, it was with members of the Funking Conservatory working for Stampede
Wrestling. Traveling with Marti and I were, Adam Windsor, The Claw, Cleopatra, Neil Faith and Bobby "BoneCrusher"

Stu came to the show that night. He talked about the tough guys in the wrestling business, the "shooters." He talked about
George Gordienko, Luthor Lindsey, Karl Gotch, Billy Robinson, Otis Klingman and the Klingman Toe Hold. Stu also talked
about the people who had drawn him money in Calgary, The Mongolian Stomper, Johnny Valentine, Abdullah the Butcher.
He also talked about the people who got their break with Stampede Wrestling like Fritz Von Erich. Then Stu said, "Dory,
Few people would take liberties with your father, Dory Funk Sr. eh??? Didn't he one time pull a big old boy out of a car
at Channel 10 television in Amarillo. Didn't it cause a big scene with his fat wife screaming, "Dory, Don't you hurt my husband?"
eh??? What was his name?" I mentioned the name to Stu and the fact that he had committed a cardinal sin, He had "cracked
smart" on the business. Stu responded with a chuckle and a smile, "Ehh The Bastard deserved it." About that time, Bobby
BoneCrusher Smith came by on his way to the ring. The Big Trucker stopped and introduced himself to Stu. "My name is
BoneCrusher Smith. I'm from Long Haul, Texas. Just a little outside Amarillo." We watched the match and Stu continued to talk
to Adam Windsor about Billy Joyce, "Ehh? wasn't he the one who taught Billy Robinson, They say he had a set of ba**s."
Windsor was only 19 and didn't know Robinson, Gotch, Otis Klingman or any of them except by stories I had told him.
BoneCrusher's match was over and the Big Trucker came down the hallway to the dressing room. Stu reached out and grabbed
BoneCrusher by the wrist and pulled him in real close and said, "There is no such place as Long Haul Texas."

I first met the Hart Family all together in July of 1969 when I traveled to Calgary for my first appearance as NWA World
Champion. I never had seen such a gentle loving mother, tough loving father and 12 renegade kids who were street
wise yet bound by family love.

When I left, I said, "Hey why don't you guys come and see me in Texas some time." And they did, Bret, Owen, Dianne, Smith,
Dean, Ross, Bruce and Stu. Once they even dragged a friend named KayFabe down to Texas.
They were always welcome in my home.

All our love and condolences to the Hart Family.

Saturday October 25th at the Dory Funk Arena The Funking Conservatory presents "Morbid Power."
Adam Windsor will defend his World Championship against "The Reason" Marcus Dillon. BoneCrusher will battle 7' tall,
310 pound Magnum The Giant in a Brass Knucks Rules Match. Missy Hyatt plus many more will be there.
We are proud to announce that Thanksgiving night he will be featured at our biggest show of the
year "BattleMania" Once again, Bobby Heenan will be leading us into a bigger arena as the !BANG!
TV taping for one night will be moving to the thousand seat capacity, SkatMania Arena in Ocala,

For more information on "BATTLEMANIA" and The Funking Conservatory:
Call 352-895-4658
E-mail Dory Funk
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Bobby's book, Bobby The Brain is available on

BattleMania Thanksgiving Night in Ocala at SkateMania will feature:
The Royal Stud Adam Windsor
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
The First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt
A Giant "BattleMania Rumble" with Giant Magnum - 7' tall 300 pounds.
The Big Cat
"The Reason" Marcus Dillon
Sledge Hammer
The Claw and many more.