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Vince McMahon and Dory Funk Jr.

Linda McMahon and Dory Funk Jr.
(CEO of WWE and member of the Connecticut Board of Education)

Dory - Triple H and Stephanie


Marti and Dory Funk (Background Houston's Reliant Stadium)


Background Dory Funk Jr. watches his niece Brandi Funk enjoy fun moment with Micky Rourke and friend

Jim Ross - Terry - Dory - HonkyTonk Man

Dory Funk squares off with Kid Rock


Three World Champions, Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes and Dory Funk Jr.


Terry's Daughters Brandi and Stacy with Chris Jericho



Dory, Kid Rock, Terry, Stacy and WWE's Edge


Dory - Mark Henry

Ricky Steamboat Jr., Reid Flair and Wahoo McDaniel Jr.
Photo Courtesy of Karen McDaniel


Dory - Terry - Reliant Arena Houston


Michael Clark Duncan with Dory Funk Jr.



Jason the Giant - 7' 4" - Micky, Dory, Johnny Magnum, Jumbo Elvis, Wahoo McDaniel Jr.


Marti Funk, Vicki Guerrero (back) and Mickie James

Dory Funk's Family and Talent from the Funking Conservatory. (Left to Right) Daughter, Penny,
Dr. Dory and Dirk Funk, David Garza, The Claw, Jason "The Giant" Jumbo Elvis, Johnny Magnum,
Wahoo McDaniel Jr. and Karen McDaniel


Terry Funk Family - Vicki Funk, Her Niece, Daughter Brandi, Bella, Stacy, Champ, Daniel and Kelly


Dory Funk Jr. on stage with Honky Tonk Man


Dory Funk Jr. with Kid Rock

Dory Funk Jr. with Oscar Nominee, Mickey Rouarke



Chris Jericho, Mickey Rouarke, Dory Funk, Jumbo Elvis, Wahoo Jr., Jason "The Giant", The Claw, Claudia Reiff


Chris Jericho, Mickey Rouarke and Dory Funk Jr. checking out Mickey's broker finger
from the punch Mickey landed on Chris's head.


Chris Jericho, Mickey Rouarke and Dory Funk Jr. (Notice Mickey's broken finger)

Johnny Magnum  and Dory Funk Jr. from the Crow's Nest at Reliant Stadium Houston.


Mickey Rouarke and Dory Funk Jr. checking the fist that put Jericho down


Children of Dory Funk Jr., Penney, Dink and Dirk with his partner, David


Chris Jericho, Mickey Rouarke Dory Funk Jr., Wahoo McDaniel Jr. and Jumbo Elvis Sharp


Jim Ross, Dory Funk Jr., Jumbo Elvis and Jason The Giant



Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk Jr., and Terry's Daughter, Brandee


Official Ring presented to Dory Funk Jr. (Induction to the WWE Hall of Fame)

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