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Silvian Grenier

From the Ross Report:

WWE has  extended a contract to Sylvian Grenier, a French-Canadian from Montreal.

In February of 2001, Pat Patterson, WWE Executive brought a bright prospect to the
Funking Conservatory to began training to become a professional wrestler. Pat's comments
were that this kid just loves wrestling and he wants to do it so let's see how he does.

Silvian had his first two matches were at our !BANG! television taping. In his second match,
Silvian became our !BANG! International Champion with a solid victory over Jesse Williams.

Adam Windsor, Dory Funk Jr. and Pat Patterson at the !BANG! television tapings.

Silvian Grenier makes his first entrance at the Funking Conservatory

Silvian's victory over Jesse Williams for the !BANG! International Cup

Silvian has lots of natural charisma and athletic ability and earns the
Funking Conservatory's highest rating, an honor shared with Kurt Angle,
Christian, Edge, Adam Windsor, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Lita and Val Venis.

"Blue Chipper"
Professional wrestling comes to the Dory Funk Arena on Saturday, September 28th.
The doors open at 6:00pm and Showtime is 7:00pm for our !BANG! television tapings.

Our special guest will be Dr. Tom Prichard from WWE who will be there to scout
our wrestling talent. Dr. Tom will also act as one of two referees in the main event
along with "The Claw."

England's Adam Windsor will team with New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura.
They will face The most annoying man in the Funking Conservatory, Heater along with
his Mystery Partner from Tokyo Japan.

Three girls will be on the card vieing for the Women's Championship.
Vanessa Harding, Cleopatra and Alex Breslin.

Tickets are on sale at Too Your Health Spa now.

You can call 352-895-4658 for more information.

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