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Wrestling School Information

Red Power, Missy Hyatt's "rear end" and Blackout

Wrestling School Information

Missy Hyatt vs Red Power, Evening Gown Match (Only at the Funking Conservatory)

What can I say? Pictures tell it all from the Funking Conservatory's last !BANG!
Television Taping and on February 22nd, They are back.

More pictures of:
Red Power
The Claw
Missy Hyatt

To train at the Funking Conservatory,
and !BANG! your way into the wrestling business, Contact Dory Funk.

Dixie is the Funking Conservatory Women's Champion facing the challenges
of Red Power and Missy Hyatt. The official for any confrontations will be
"The Claw" who is the "Law."

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Current Funking Conservatory Champion, "Dixie"