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New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura was a special un-announced guest at the Funking Conservatory's
!BANG! house show Saturday night. Our wrestling fans were treated to a great wrestling match as Osamu Nishimura
wrestled a bruising twenty minute match teaming with Adam Windsor to take on BoneCrusher and The "Big Cat."
Nishimura won the fall for his team when The Big Cat took too much time performing the Scott Steiner elbow drop
and was caught with a German Suplex from behind. The Royal Stud held off the charge of BoneCrusher as The
Claw hit the tree count on the Big Cat.

Osamu told us that business at New Japan Pro-wrestling is good. He feels that there is a movement in Japan toward
hard working wrestling much like the style taught at the Funking Conservatory. It is a mixture of pro-wrestling,
amateur wrestling, Judo, Grecco and gymnastics. The other most important part of our training program is something
very hard to learn, Timing. To really understand the meaning of timing you would have to come to the Funking
Conservatory for training. Timing is critical to the success of a wrestling match or wrestling television show. In wrestling,
it is not so much what you do, but when you do it.

Osamu and The Royal Stud are masters of "Timing."
Next Saturday, The Funking Conservatory will celebrate it's forth anniversary as Adam Windsor vs BoneCrusher vs
The Mighty Samson in a triple threat Texas Death Match, last man standing is the winner. Windsor's Funking Conservatory
World Championship will be on line.

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