Support the Troops 12, Cold War 2 - Results
Special 30 Second Video, Funk wins over Scott D'Amore in World Record, 6.92 Seconds

Funking Conservatory Press Release - Dory Funk Jr. beats Scott D’Amore in Record 7 Seconds

6.92 second victory is a new World Record caught on !BANG! TV

Results from Support the Troops 12 / !BANG! TV Taping in Ocala Florida:

Dory Funk Jr. defeats Scott D’Amore in a professional wrestling record 6.92 seconds. Video of this match will be submitted to Guinness Book of World Records for certification.

All Girl Tag Team Match, The Claw and Gail Kim vs. The Pop tarts, Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki. This match is held under TNA Rules with special referee, Scott D’Amore. The Claw applies her favorite hold, the Japanese Arm Bar Roll but her own partner, Gail Kim turns on The Claw saving Lady Kimberly. All three girls attack The Claw holding her down for the three count giving the victory to the Pop Tarts.

The Soldier, Johnny Magnum, Corporal Moose and The Enforcer, Ken Sharp defeat The Soul Assassin, Kory Chavis, Lance Alonte and Keith Turner when Johnny Magnum catches Lance Alonte with his patented Cargo Drop.

Blain Rage vs the US Navy and Dunnellon’s own Shane Chung (This match under review because of outside interference by Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim leading to Shane Chung’s loss)

England’s Keith Turner wins over Lance Aloyte with a Reverse Double arm Full nelson - New European Champion

Dory Funk Jr. Returns to Florida to Settle the Score with Tick Toc Croc

Dorothy Funk with Terry and Dory Funk Jr. - Tic Toc Croc in the Background

Silver Springs 1947

Dory Funk Sr. with Dory Funk Jr. - Silver Springs 1947

Wrestling History

November 26, 1994 - in a Madison Square Garden House Show: Diesel defeated Bob Backlund in 8 seconds to win the WWF Heavyweight title!!

This match was one of the most famous WWE matches of all time, as the towering Diesel simply kicked Backlund in the stomach and hit him with a Jackknife Powerbomb, pinning him eight seconds after the bell rang.

A thirty second special video clip verifying Dory Funk Jr.'s victory over Scott D’Amore at 6.92 seconds, a new record in professional wrestling is caught on !BANG! TV.


2571 Years Ago - One of the most dramatic incidents in ancient sports history involves Arrichion the Pankratiast. (No Holds Barred Wrestler) Competing for his third Olympic crown in 564 BC, Arrichion found himself the victim of a deadly choke applied from behind. His unnamed opponent had twined his legs around Arrichion’s, and inserted the tips of his feet behind Arrichion’s knees for purchase. Although Arrichion ultimately forced his opponent to concede by dislocating his ankle, Arrichion himself expired from the effects of the choke. His lifeless body was crowned with the victor’s wreath. The Complete Story


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