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Video Games Taking Over
IGN Sports: When you first saw Kurt Angle, did you know right away he was going to be one of the best ever?

Dory Funk Jr.: Yes. [laughs] I believed in it because Kurt believed in himself. He has a super attitude and is just a wonderful person. He didn't mind working hard and put everything into it. His attitude was so good, it had to work for him. Many of the others are the same way. Test broke a finger in training camp and they asked him to go home and come back later and he said "No, I'm not going to do it. I'm here to learn wrestling." And he continued his training and wrestled a match with a broken finger. He came back the next month with a big pin stuck in his finger and he wanted to wrestle again. We've just had some kids with super attitudes.

IGN Sports: Is it like baseball or basketball where you go and scout out talent or does the talent come to you?

Dory Funk Jr.:We like them to get in touch with us, that way we know they want to do something in professional wrestling. If they have that desire, then we will find out where they want to go and we'll take them there. We'll give them every opportunity to get there in regards to making it to the majors. We tell them ahead of time that they have to be very dedicated. It's a very tough run to make it to the WWE.

IGN Sports: And now your legacy is living on in the world of video games. Your character is in the new Legends of Wrestling: Showdown.

Dory Funk Jr.: And I appreciate that very much, too. Acclaim is terrific. My grandkids have Legends of Wrestling and are really anticipating the new one coming out. It should be a great game. There's a lot of brand new stuff in the game. There are all kinds of special matches including tables, ladders, chairs, first blood, cage, battle royal, six and eight-man elimination bouts, three and four-way dances. The game has classic matches with hidden licensed arenas, two-man commentary, and a tutorial by a very good friend of mine, Bret Hart. You can also create-a-legend, there are signature entrances and taunts for each wrestler in the game, and Jimmy Hart did all the licensed music. I'm really looking forward to it.

IGN Sports: Do your grandkids like to play as you in the game or do they like to bet up grandpa?

Dory Funk Jr.: Probably both. [laughs] They come out on both sides of that.

IGN Sports: So if you could wrestle a Main Event against any of the legends, who would you want to face?

Dory Funk Jr.: Ted DiBiase is one. I did wrestle Terry Funk at one time, so I wouldn't mind having a return match at that. [laughs]

IGN Sports: Who won the match against Terry?

Dory Funk Jr.: I won that one. I just want to make it two in a row. He's my younger brother so I have to keep him in position. He never asked for a rematch, but that wouldn't be a bad idea. At least we can do it through the game for now.

IGN Sports: What's the most important aspect about your wrestling style that you'd like to see live on in the game?

Dory Funk Jr.: Probably the fact that I did a lot of wrestling and performed a variety of holds like the spinning toe hold. Those come out in the games and then will be around for a long time. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I look like in the new game.
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