Support the Troops III

Sabu Torches Dory Funk

Suicidal Genocidal Homicidal Sabu vs Dory Funk Jr. at the Funking Conservatory May 28th.

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Funking Conservatory Press Release - Sabu Torches Dory Funk Jr.
Results from "Support Your Troops" Ocala, Florida
In the main event after Sabu and Dory Funk Jr. took each other to the mat in a wrestling competition for over 20 minutes Sabu brought a chair into the ring and threw it at Funk. Dory got the chair in mid air and started bashing Sabu with the chair multiple times followed by Funk applying the spinning toe hold to Sabu, turning twice then cinching up on the hold. Funk had Sabu on the way to a tap out when a ball of fire came from Sabu's hands rising to Funk's face, EXPLODING in a HUGE ball of Fire scorching Dory's Face with a raw open burn and  turning the center of the ring to a firestorm. (Photo Above)
The show was being video tapped for replay on Funk's online !BANG! TV show.  Dory Funk was treated at a local hospital for severe burns around the face and remains under a doctor's care out of concern of a damaged retina in his right eye.
At the recommendation of Dory Funk's attorney, Jimmy Gooding, who was attending the show with his kids, the video tape of this match will not be released publicly until Gooding has reviewed the video this week for possible consideration of legal action on behalf of Funk versus Sabu (Real name, Terry Brunk).
Japanese press, in attendance at the show will release photos of the complete show, "Support Your Troops" in Japan including photos of the Torching of Funk by Sabu. 
After the match, Funk was helped out of the ring by Johnny Magnum. Blain Rage confronted Sabu on behalf of Funk but was slammed upside down against a ladder by the Homicidal Genocidal Sabu, also causing concern medically for the apparent damage to the back side of Blaine Rage from the aggressive behavior of Sabu during the Ladder exchange between them.
In other matches on the show, Funking Conservatory World Champion, Johnny Magnum successfully defended against Denver's Lonnie Valdez winning with a rolling cradle. In a Hard Core championship match Blain Rage defeated Jon Davis to become the Funking Conservatory Hard Core Champion. Richard Alexander (The Great) became new European Champion with a victory over Sage Hilton. Sage had the advantage for most of the match however, Richard Alexander (The Great), caught Sage with a surprise DDT for the victory.  Lonnie Valdez won a controversial decision over Freddie "Freight Train" Neal. Upset over the decision, Freight Train had words with the referee "The Claw" Claudia Reiff. When The Claw refused to re-start the match, the 300 pound Freight Train body slammed the 120 pound Claw leaving doubt as to whether she could continue. After a brief respite "The Claw" continued as the official referee. Bubba Myers won a hard fought match against D. D. Davis. After the match was over, D. D. Davis slammed Bubba Myers and climbed to the top rope and hit a five star frog splash on Bubba.


Dory Funk Jr. vs Sabu

Johnny Magnum vs Lonnie Valdez - Funking Conservatory World Title Match

Blain Rage vs Jon Davis - Funking Conservatory HardCore Title Match

Sage Hilton vs Richard Alexander "The Great" -

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Sabu became a wrestling fan at the age of 3 and started to prepare at the age of 12 for wrestling by doing amateur wrestling. In 1985 Sabu began his professional wrestling career which has taken him from the independent circuit, Japan, around the world and eventually to ECW where he competed in countless classic matches. From the original 3 way dance with Terry Funk vs Sabu vs Shane Douglas to the barbed wire match where Sabu defeated Terry Funk at Born To Be Wired for the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Sabu was instrumental in helping elevate ECW to the heights it would later reach. Sabu also competed at the first ECW anniversary show: ECW One Night Stand and at The Hardcore Homecoming promotion ran by Shane Douglas.

Sabu will be wrestling at the Funking Conservatory on May 28th show time is 7:00pm.

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Sabu was trained by his uncle, "The Sheik."

Video Special

Dory and Terry vs Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher - Part 1

Beginning of the Match

Dory and Terry vs Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher - Part 2

(Graphic of Sheik and Butcher gaffing Terry's Arm)

Dory and Terry vs Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher - Part 3

The Finish

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Notice the blood on Terry's Left Arm


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Suicidal, Genocidal Sabu vs Dory Funk Jr.

Sunday May 28th, 2006 at 7:00pm

Funking Conservatory Ocala, Florida

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