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Dory Funk Faces Windsor then Jarrett

Adam Windsor, Jeff Jarrett and Dory Funk Jr. overlooking the new home of the Dory Funk Arena, SkateMania

With the opening of the new Dory Funk Arena at SkateMania in Ocala, Florida on Sunday, January 18th, and the NWA World
Title Match coming to Ocala, Florida on January 25th. Dory Funk Jr. may face the toughest challenge of his career. Funk will
face The Royal Stud on January 18th and Jarrett for the World Title on January 25th.

According to Funk, "Windsor is the ideal opponent leading into a match of the magnitude of Jeff Jarrett. I trained Adam and he
knows most everything I do in the ring. However I never teach my students everything I know just for situations like this. I
always hold a few moves to myself so I will have a surprise for the Royal Stud. I have also gathered all the information I can on
Jarrett. If he beats me, Jarrett would be on the road to becoming the most accomplished of all the NWA World Champions. On
the other hand, Jeff is a long way from beating me, especially in my home town of Ocala, Florida. I have already booked
reservations to Nashville, Tennessee to appear on NWA/TNA as the new NWA World Champion. This will give Jeff Jarrett
more time to devote to his position of Executive Vice President of NWA/TNA."

Sunday January 18th. Dory Funk Jr. vs Adam Windsor
Sunday January 25th. Dory Funk Jr. vs Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title, Sanctioned by NWA President Bill Behrens.

Jeff Jarrett is the owner of NWA/TNA
Bob Ryder is the Talent Scout for NWA/TNA
Both will be scouting talent at the Funking Conservatory on January 25th.

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