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World Championship Match - Sabu vs Rey Mysterio 

Sabu throws a "Ball of Fire" Into the Face of Dory funk Jr.

Why They Call Him - Homicidal, Suicidal, Sabu 

Sabu was trained by The Sheik. He is as violent and unpredictable as his Uncle, The Sheik.

Dory Funk Jr. vs The Original Sheik, Fair Park Coliseum Lubbock, Texas

The match began with aggressive wrestling by the Sheik. I fought back and he went for a foreign object in his Arabian boot. (Toes turned up on the tips for walking in the desert sands.) The fans were ready to riot. They wanted to kill The Sheik. I got the foreign object from The Sheik and busted him with it. He bled profusely. With the crowd in a frenzy,
I knocked him to the mat and picked up his right leg for the spinning toe hold. I turned once, twice, and three times. With the Sheik flat on his back and the fans absolutely sure he was going to give up, from out of his hands came a ball of fire. It engulfed my face. I could see orange through my closed eyelids and feel the heat as it singed my hair. I could smell the stench of burning all around me.

Referee, Jack Cain immediately called for the bell disqualifying The Sheik. The match was over, but I was writhing in pain on the floor. Referee, Jack Cain called for help. Ricky Romero came to the ring with water and towels and they helped me to the dressing room.  The wrestling fans in Lubbock were infuriated by the Sheik.

Ricky Romero and Referee Jack Cain Helping Dory Funk Jr.
Lubbock, Texas, Fairpark Coliseum 1965


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