This match takes place in the year 2041. It is the first retirement match for Dory Funk Jr.

Kurt Angle is introduced first, then the scene changes to dressing room number two where

Dory Funk Jr. is being helped from his wheel chair. At his side is his wife Marti Funk. (Marti

is nine years younger and is still a spry young lady at the age of 91.) Marti says, "Jr. It's Time."

The official for the match, The Claw at the age of 81 is waiting in the ring with Kurt Angle.

They seem to be waiting forever. Marti is now helping Dory Funk Jr. down the aisle as

they ever so slowly approach the ring. Dory Funk Jr. is wearing a hospital gown, over

the gown, a West Texas State University Jacket. The ring announcer, 71 year old Mark

Nulty implores Dory Funk Jr. to hurry up and get into the ring, saying a fifteen minute

entrance is too much. The 69 year old Kurt Angle is vigorously warming up doing pushups.

Yes Kurt's head is clean shaven. Dory Funk Jr. slowly enters the ring and walks over to

check out his former student. Kurt Angle stops doing pushups and stands nose to

nose to Dory Funk Jr. The time has come. It is student vs teacher.

Kurt raises a clenched fist. Dory does the same.

One, Two, Three.

Rocks Break Scissors

Winner, Dory Funk Jr.


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