The Funking T-Shirt is Here!!!

Dory Funk Jr and (Stone Cold) Steve Austin Wearing the "Funking T-Shirt."
Funking "A"

I have always believed in the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you however , Have you ever been mad?

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore". The words of great actor, Peter Finch, playing the part of Newscaster, Howard Beale in the 1976 award winning movie Network.

Stone Cold Steve Austin may have said, "I'm mad as hell and I'm going to kick your Funking butt!!!"

Have you ever been mad at something, The Funking Stock Market, Funking Media, Funking Insurance, Funking Politicians, Funking Doctors, Funking Attorneys, Funking Car Dealers, Funking Promoters, Funking Wrestlers, Funking Bankers, Funking Lottery, Funking Airplanes, Funking Taxes, Funking Idiots.

"Let's make it Funking Fun with the Funking T-Shirt."

Funking Dory Funk Jr., Funking Terry Funk, Funk A Holic, Grand Funk, Funking Easy, Funking Good, Funking Hard, Funk A Delic, Funktastic, Funk U., Funk Off, Funk It, Funk Me, Funk Up, Funk Over, Stop Funking Around!!!      Funker,Funkor, Funkee,Funked, Go Funk,

I'm going funking crazy with the Funking T-Shirt.

Funking Egomaniacs, Funking A, Let's get the Funk out of here.Shut the Funk up. Hurry the Funk up. Funking Cool. What the Funk is going on???

Have fun with the  "Funking T Shirt."

It's Funking spectacular, Funking sensational, Funking goofy, Funking silly, Funking foolish, Funking genius, Funking smart alec, Funk head, Funking good looking, Makes no Funking sense, What a Big Funking deal!!!

The "Funking T Shirt," has my Funking signature, Amarillo, The State of Texas, flag of Texas and all funking quotes on this page.

The "Funking T Shirt" says  "Do your best," in English, Japanese, and Spanish on the front with a cartoon of me applying the Funking spinning toe hold. As for who the other Funking characters in the cartoon are, your guess is as good as mine!!!

Just Funking Do It. Have fun with the "Funking T Shirt." The Funking T-shirt makes you feel Funking good.

The "Funking T Shirt" is "G" rated. It contains no Funking profanity!!!
It's a great gift for all your little Funkers.

My Grandson Sheldon Funk Dustman likes his Funking T-Shirt

How to order your  "Funking T Shirt."

Funking T-Shirts are available in XXL, XL, L, and S.
For Funking comfort, we encourage you to order large sizes.
The Funking price is $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $25.00 per Funking T-shirt.
Send check or money order to the Funking address below
Let us know what size and how many Funking T-shirts you would like to have.

Marti Funk
P.O. Box 771702
Ocala, Florida

E-Mail Dory Funk Jr.

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