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Ed Strangler Lewis

100 Years of Tradition

The Goodfellow "Gino Cambino," Sign Guy, The Royal Stud, Dory Funk, Sampson, The Claw, Leon Scott and Tiziana
In the photo, Ed Strangler Lewis (Four Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion) and Dory Funk Sr.

Ed Strangler Lewis came to Amarillo, Texas as advisor and trainer to Dory Funk Sr. as he prepared to challenge the great
Lou Thesz for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Ed Strangler Lewis was a professional wrestler at the turn of the century, the twentieth century, before income tax. He was
NWA World Champion during the "Great Depression," drawing huge gates. He was the master of the headlock, squeezing
his opponents until they passed out.

According to Ed Strangler Lewis, "The 'Strangler' term stuck to me, because early in my wrestling career, I originated a
headlock, being convinced that the human brain would yield to pressure, and that if such pressure was consistently applied, it
would constitute a knockout just as sure as a solid punch to the jaw by a hard-hitting boxer. I devised a wooden facsimile
of a human head. It was split down the center, the two halves connected by powerful steel springs. To increase the power of
my grip, I carried this gadget with me, and worked on it for hours, until I had developed a grip that could crack a skull, and
would certainly stun the recipient. But it was not a stranglehold. Never in the course of my long career was I disqualified for
seeking to strangle an opponent, by putting pressure on the throat. The pressure was on the head, through the jaw. It took a
bit longer than a hard-hitting boxer's blow to the jaw, to effect a knockout, but it had the same result. Pressure cut off the
blood supply to the brain.

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