Gunslinger Rap

Let's see you get out of this.                           Put that knee in the face just like I taught your dad.

Who Is It???

Bobby Duncum Jr.
Your daddy was a football stand out at West Texas State University. In the days of the Amarillo Territory, He came to me and said he would like to be a professional wrestler. It must have been the influence of Dory Funk Sr. on the Amarillo area, but there have been many wrestlers come out of West Texas State University, some trained by Terry and I and some who found their own way in to the wrestling business. I told Bobby to meet me at the sports arena at five in the afternoon, prior to the Thursday night wrestling matches. I fond Bobby Duncum Sr. to be a tough kid with the kind of devil may care, reckless abandon it takes to make it in pro-wrestling. We began regular work outs when I was available to train. As always is the case when I take someone on for training, I taught Bobby Duncum Sr. ninety percent of what I knew about professional wrestling.

Ouch, Right on the back of my head!!!                                  I'm not getting anywhere with this.

Bobby Duncum Sr. was big, 6' 4" tall and 260 pounds. I those days that was a giant of a man. His wife Glenda was a strikingly pretty brunet at a ligit 6' 2" tall. I knew Bobby Duncum Jr. as a kid, ten or eleven years old. He used to play with my kids. Twenty years later, I ran into Bobby Jr. in Japan and was I surprised. What a great athlete he turned out to be. Bobby Jr. went to the University of Texas where he was a standout football player for the Longhorns. After completing college it was only natural for him to turn to pro wrestling. Bobby Jr.'s career has been mostly with ECW and All Japan Pro-wrestling.

I've had your father in this one before.

NWA promoter, Howard Brody called recently and asked if I would defend the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship in Sanford, Florida at the Sanford Civic Center. Howard is a friend of mine and so are the local promoters, Ed Plant and Greg Price.  I said I would be glad to. I very much enjoy working NWA shows. I know the days gone past will not come back but nothing is more fun than to work for some of the independent promoters. It is as close to the fans as you can get.

During interviews before the show, I told Bobby Jr. I taught his daddy ninety percent of what I knew. That means if his father taught him everything he knew, It still left me with a ten percent edge.

Bobby Jr. escaped the spinning toe hold as I taught his father, but he wasn't ready for the three quarter nelson, just a little trick I kept for myself.

When we were in the ring I had the eerie feeling I was wrestling Bobby's father.

It seemed very much, like father, like son.

Who is it?   Dory Funk Jr. or is it Dory Funk Sr???

Photography  Marti Funk

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