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"Vaporize the Competition"

Funking Conservatory Teenage Program

Allison Nichols (15), Irwin Doppschwalla (15) and Libby Hall (15)

It is totally refreshing to see the creativity of the participants in the Funking Conservatory Teenager program.

Our age limits for the program are 14 through 17.

In the program we encourage the creativity of these youngsters who desire to go some-day to the professional level.

In training teenagers, safety is high priority. Professional wrestling
offers the creative opportunity of a combination of team athletics,
individual athletics, drama, speech, martial arts, creative writing,
television production/performance and crowd psychology all rolled
into one. It is an ideal outlet for the creative and athletic young people
in our society.

Here is an example of a very creative young man, Will Heath, aka Irwin Doppschwalla

To Hear and See Irwin Doppschwalla's
Wrestling Interview, Click Here

A call to Rob Van Dam

Greetings RVD from Jedi Ninth, Erwin Doppschwalla.
Long have I been impressed with your skills
and of course, The Van Daminator, The Five Star Frog
Splash and The Rolling Thunder.

I am "For Thee Master."
Teach me Thy secrets.
I wish to become as great a Jedi as you.

Make me your partner.
Together we will "vaporize the competition."
In the end, We will show them why the right side of the force,
Always wins.

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