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Drugs in Wrestling

"Call Your Own Shots"
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The difficult part about drugs is "They work."
Steroids make you stronger, pain killers make you feel better.
Uppers give you a lift and sleeping pills make you sleep.
Some drugs can save your life and some can obviously,
kill you.

This leaves you with some tough personal decisions.

Here at the Funking Conservatory we work with young people
and we work with teenagers. Our policy for young people is
drug free, alcohol free and tobacco free, except for medical
purposes when prescribed by a doctor.

As you mature you will come under pressure from every direction
to use drugs recreationally and for performance enhancement.

Make sure you understand the consequences and make sure
"You" make the decisions. Consider your options carefully and
stay within the law.

I don't think it makes me special or by any means better than
anyone, but if it helps, I have been able to have success in the
wrestling business and enjoy myself without the use of illegal
performance enhancement drugs.

Professional wrestling can be a most rewarding profession. There
is nothing like entering the ring and performing in front of an audience,
be it 18,000 fans and millions and millions on TV, an indie show in
front of a hundred people or even at a WWE/Funking Conservatory
tryout in front of a few wrestlers, trainers and coaches. Just ask
The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor

Pro-wrestling is fun.
We are entertainers.
Life is the most fun game you will ever play.
Enjoy it.
"Call your own shots."

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