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WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard - Razzle Frazzle

Coming to The Funking Conservatory

Funking Conservatory's Red Power and WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard

Dory Funk and WWE's Johnny Ace

WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard will be in attendance a the March eddition of the
Funking Conservatory Training Camp. Dr. Tom will be scouting young
wrestling talent for World Wretling Entertainment. He will also be in
attendance at our show, "Razzle Frazzle" Saturday night March 22nd.

"Razzle Frazzle" will feature three main events as Bobby BoneCrusher
Smith, Adam Windsor, Missy Hyatt, Red Power, Dixie, Rainman, Murder
One and The Claw will make their return to !BANG!

If you would like to attend the March eddition of the Funking Conservatory:
Call 895-4658 or
E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
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