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Dr. Tom or Doubting Thomas Prichard

Dr. Tom Prichard writes a column on He takes an interesting position regarding
the Dory Funk Jr. / Jack Brisco feud for the NWA World Championship in the 1970's comparing
it with the Bret Hart / Shawn Michaels modern day controversy.

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Fireworks and the Fourth by Dr. Tom Prichard

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In Response:

I have only missed one wrestling match in my career, that being the 1973 match with Jack Brisco for the NWA
world championship in Houston, Texas for promoter Paul Boesch. I spent that night in Neblett Hospital in Canyon,
Texas after being transported there by ambulance from the freezing waters of Tierra Blanca creek. I was chasing
cattle when I ran the truck over a six foot embankment and into the creek.

My not being in Houston, Texas may have upset the plans of a lot of people, Jack Brisco, Paul Boesch, Sam
Muchnick, Eddie Graham, Fritz Von Erich to name a few. I know because on that very Friday morning, my father,
Dory Funk Sr. received a call from Fritz Von Erich asking if I could somehow just get myself to Houston and cripple
into the ring and perform my duty. Hell, I was in the hospital under sedation and couldn't raise my arm above my
shoulder. (In those days, no hospitalization or compensation for loss of work) The pickup truck accident upset
my plans too.

As for the match in Kansas City against Harley Race, I was forced into the ring only a short time after the accident
and I faced a "home town" decision by the referee, the turncoat Richard Moody who only a short time earlier
worked for my father in the Amarillo Territory. This ended a 4 and 1/2 year reign as NWA World Champion.
It was a blast.

Thanks Tom for the story.

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