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Funking Conservatory's Silvan Grenier


Les Nouvelle - The New Ones -  Silvan Grenier

Two outstanding young athletes made an impressive appearance on last week's Raw.

One, Silvan Grenier had his first wrestling match here on !BANG! at the Funking Conservatory.

The content of their interview:

"Bon jour, J'Mapelle Sylvan Grenier, Hello, my name is Rene Dupree."

"We are here to announce to you Americans that We are coming soon to The WWE!"
"We are French Canadians and you Americans cannot push us around!"
"You Americans think we are sissies because of where we are from, but you are wrong!"
"We have Culture and Class"
"We do not expect you Americans to warm up to us, you are Weak"
"We are coming to The WWE to teach you Americans a Lesson!"

Silvan Grenier first stepped into the ring at the Funking Conservatory January 27th
appearing on our first !BANG! Television Taping of Genesis.

Pat Patterson of World Wrestling entertainment was here at the time.

Silvan's comment here was that he loves wrestling. He was a big good looking kid who was in exceptional condition.

Here at the Funking Conservatory Sylvan Grenier would have the opportunity to, "Live His Dream."

At the Funking Conservatory, "Dreams Can Come True."

1.  Adam Windsor living his dream as Wrestler, TV Commentator, Writer of !BANG!
2.  Dory Funk Jr. and Pat Patterson talk over the potential of Sylvan Grenier.
3.  Sylvian Grenier enters a pro-wrestling ring for his first match. (His Cherry) (Just a term of the business)
4.  Sylvan Grenier wins his first match as a professional wrestler.
5.  Sylvan Grenier with the support of the !BANG! Television wrestling fans.
6.  WWE's Pat Patterson with our Head Referee, The Claw.
7.  Sylvan Grenier with the Funking Conservatory International Championship Trophy.
Final Picture is a god look at Sylvan Grenier. From all at the Funking Conservatory:

Bon Voyage - Good Luck
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I have not met Sylvan's partner, Rene Dupree however I wrestled with his father, Emil Dupree
many years ago in Australia and Emil came to the Amarillo Territory and was a fine worker.
I know Rene and Sylvan will make an excellent addition to the WWE team.