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The Funking Conservatory is a full service training school for
those interested in participating in the wrestling business.

Read the !BANG! TV Report
About the Funking Conservatory, a Full Service Pro-wrestling school.
The Funking Conservatory offers a program for teenagers and we are co-ed.
What's it like at the Funking Conservatory?
Famous students of Dory Funk Jr.
What is !BANG! ?
What is it like to participate on !BANG!
Gunslinger Rap - Short stories of life in the wrestling business by Dory Funk Jr.
View the Dory Funk Arena and the May Funking Conservatory Team
Funking Conservatory Application Form
Photography/videography by Marti Funk
I'll Bet You Didn't Know
For individualized programs to fit your needs, contact us directly at the above phone or e-mail address.

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