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Dory Funk Jr. vs Johnny Valentine from the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas - Original Oil by John E. McKinley (Father of Marti Funk)

I entered the match with some apprehension because I had been warned by my father to "watch out
for John Valentine." He said, "John can hurt you. You need to establish respect for yourself early in
the match or he can eat you up." My first match with John was in Houston, Texas at the Sam Houston
Coliseum in early 1970 for the NWA World Championship for promoter, Paul Boesch. As the match
started I was cautious not to rush anything, just feel this man out as I was wrestling him for the first time.
As we backed into the corner the referee, Danny McShain called for the break Big John grabbed a
front headlock. I was pinned in the corner and could not back up or escape to either side. I don't know
how long John kept twisting my head to the side and pulling up on my neck or when the referee finally
broke the hold, but for the next 25 minutes it was a matter of keeping my shoulders off the mat. Finally
came the big elbow drop, the lights went out and Valentine was the winner of the first fall in thirty minutes.

John Valentine's Front Face Lock was devastating. (Maple Leaf Garden - Toronto)

At the start of the second fall, John was all over me with the front headlock, then came the big elbow
drop. I saw it coming, raised my head and stiffened my neck to avoid the double shock of the elbow
drop on the neck and your head banging into the mat. I could hear the count of the referee, just before
the three count, I gave it all I had and kicked out.

John Valentine had the best Elbow Drop in wrestling. Here it is against Giant Baba in Japan

John had me in the corner again. As the referee stepped between us, I cut loose with a forearm to the
side of John's head. He just looked at me. I threw it again and again and again. My arm was starting
to hurt and Big John was just starring at me. I threw another one with everything I had. John took two
steps back. My arm would probably give out before I could knock him off his feet. Valentine charged
me hard in an effort to keep me pinned in the corner and I ducked out to the side. Now I had him in
the corner. I knew he must be stunned so I grabbed his right leg and drug him to the center of the ring.
John was still standing on one leg looking me right in the eye. I reverted back to basic wrestling with
a leg trip with my shoulder in his chest while still holding the right leg. Even the strongest must fall. I
had the spinning toehold and won the second fall.

With ten minutes left at the start of the third fall, John came on strong with only the slightest of a limp
in the right leg. I remembered, He feels no pain. I turned my style into defensive wrestler as I knew
that for me a draw would be as good as a victory in a championship match as the belt would stay
with the campion. As the bell rang ending the 60 minute time limit, the fans in Houston wanted more.
I am sure they would like to have seen the title change and John Valentine bring the world championship
to Houston, but they would have to wait for another opportunity. I had had enough of John Valentine
for one night.

As I returned to the dressing room the first to come to me and shake my hand were two friends from
the Amarillo Territory, Wahoo McDaniel and Jose Lothario.

















Johnny Valentine


Toronto Canada - Dory Funk Jr. vs Johnny Valentine for the NWA World Championship
Attendance 14,000 People - Notice the Ring Level Ramp