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June issue of Wrestling Superstars

Message from Coach Funk
To WWF Funking Dojo members:

Professional wrestling is a highly complex sport that might seem to a newcomer like it would be hard to learn. Well, let me tell you in no uncertain terms, "It is hard to learn," yet the fundamentals, as in any other sport, can be taught to persons who have good physical ability and are willing to practice. The WWF's Funking Dojo is designed for wrestlers just beginning, the intermediate, and the advanced to make the climb to the winner's platform.

You should go slowly in learning the basic wrestling skills. Beginners do not need to be impressed by a wide range of possibilities, but they do need to build a sense of confidence in the basics. They will win many matches with the beginning techniques shown in the earlier stages.  Actually, a wrestler could be quite successful if he became expert only in the moves illustrated in the early stages of practice.

Coach Funk in front of the WWF Titan Towers Building

Our schedule will include workouts in the morning at the WWF work out gym, located on the first floor of the Titan Towers Building.  This is one of the finest training facilities there is. It is exclusive to people on the WWF team. I am sure you all have a good work-out routine that works. These sessions will be two hours and your regimen is up to you, however I highly recommend the use of the neck machine for all wrestlers participating in the WWF Funking Dojo. Recently two well known wrestlers sustained severe injuries to the neck and face extended loss of work. Strength in the neck muscles is imperative in prevention of injury in wrestling.  Free weights, treadmills, nautilus style machines, are all available. This will also give Coaches Pat Patterson, Tom Prichard and myself opportunity to talk to you and discuss your individual needs. You will find there is no one in wrestling who is technically more sound than Coach Patterson and Coach Prichard.

Giant Paulo Silva at 7' 4" 400 pounds makes me look small
Lunch will be at the WWF's Cafeteria on the second floor of the Titan Towers Building. Food is delicious and prepared with the nutritional needs of the athletes in mind. The atmosphere is, "WWF wrestling," with Photos on the walls of the WWF greats including, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and our new WWF World Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After lunch we will go to the WWF TV Production Studios where state of the art rings are in place. This is where we will participate in the, "wrestling," part of the WWF's Funking Dojo.

Mick Tierney, Just returned from a UFC tour of Russia
Each practice session will begin with basics of wrestling. We will move through intermediate wrestling combinations, exchanging blows, wrestling interviews, and on to actually wrestling matches. We will video tape the sessions so we may review your interviews and wrestling matches and offer constructive criticism.

Even intermediate and advanced wrestlers should be drilled on the skills we cover in the early stages of practice. When wrestlers have time to themselves and are not performing they often forget many important coaching points that has lead to their success.

Erin O'Grady, When the going gets tough, the tough get going

As the practice sessions progress and you master additional techniques. You should incorporate all of the earlier techniques learned into the more advanced wrestling practice sessions.

Stance and movement for the neutral, down, and top positions will be illustrated along with appropriate drills. We will learn proper positioning for take downs, reversals, and escapes. What position should you be in if you take a man down or have been taken off your feet. How do you control a man from the offensive and defensive positions? How  you control yourself in the  offensive and defensive position is as important as controlling your opponent.

Vic Grimes, There is no easy way out of the WWF Funking Dojo
Maneuvers covered in the WWF's Funking Dojo will include, but will not be limited to; locking up with your opponent properly, taking your opponent off his feet, double leg tackle, Single leg take-down, fireman's carriage, Hip-lock, Full body slam, Arm drag, chicken wing and half nelson, and the Dory Funk Sr. special Chief Justice Wizzer White reversal.

We will also teach; blows to the body, forearm to the mid-section, back and front elbow, elbow drop, kicks,  straight punches to the body, flying elbow, flying drop kick, and other aerial maneuvers.

The scheduling of the WWF Funking Dojo is on Japanese time. (You are expected to be a few minutes early and ready to go throughout the schedule)

I look forward to working with all of you at the WWF's Funking Dojo.

Dory Funk Jr.

The WWF's Funking Dojo Motto:
 "Don't Funk With Us"

Do your best / Ganbate Kudasai / Has lo mejor que puedas

Dory Funk Jr., Pat Patterson, Tom Prichard

Coaches of the WWF's Funking Dojo

Blue Chipper, Shawn Stasiak, Son of former WWF Champion, Stan Stasiak

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