First Ever WWF Funking Dojo
WWF's Funking Dojo Motto
"Don't Funk With Us"
Pat, Tommy, Mark Henry, Rodney blackbeard and "Blue Chipper, Adam Copeland,
 Listening as Dory Funk Jr. talks about the "WWF team."
If we are going to dish it out at the WWF's Funking Dojo, we will take it.
Dory Funk Jr. takes a slam from Tiger Ali as Pat Patterson checks Tiger's technique.

                        Slam by Pat        Slam by Adam Copeland       Slam by Matt Bloom

How about an arm-bar from the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry
Pat Patterson talks to Ahmed about surprising his opponent.
Pat Patterson likes the competition.
Mark Henry, 6' 3" and 400 pounds, shows why they call him the strongest man in the world
as he slams 350 pound Matt Bloom.
Dory and Pat discuss the progress of the WWF's Funking Dojo
Mad Man Mark Mero shows off his registered lethal weapon cocked and ready to go.
Dory tells Taka his next opponent will be Giant Kerrgan. (We all mixed it up at the WWF's Funking Dojo)


Blue Chipper Sean Morely levels Taka Michinoku with a well placed fore-arm.
Dory explains the fore-arm blow to Tiger Ali as Taka listens.
Jim Ross watches with a critical eye.
On the last Day of the WWF's Funking Dojo, we all had the opportunity to travel to
a small town in New Hampshire and exhibit what we had learned.
Thanks to wrestling legend and promoter, Killer Kowalski

In the final match of the night, I managed Tom Prichard and Darrin Drosdov. Our opponents were Sean Morely and Adam Copeland managed by none other than Bruce Prichard. Prior to the match, Bruce in an eloquent speech to the crowd said he would coach his team to a victory and embarrass his own brother.

Blue Chipper, Sean Morely flies through the air like a bird.
Tommy Prichard raises his hands in victory.
And the winner is all members of the WWF's Funking Dojo.

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