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WWF's Funking Dojo
"Motto - Don't Funk With Us"

Marc Mero Height: 6'2 Weight: 235 lbs.
          From: Buffalo, NY - Favorite Quote: "Take a walk on the wild side."
          Career Highlight: Former Federation Intercontinental Champion
          Not many people have competed in the WWF with the intensity and desire exemplified by  Marc Mero.
Ahmed Johnson, 6' 5" 305 pounds, Pearl River Mississippi
Nickname: Pearl River Power House -  Former WWF Intercontinetal Champion
 Finishing Move: Pearl River Plunge (Modified Powerbomb)
              Mark Henry, The World's Strongest Man - 6' 3" 400 Pounds from Silsbee, Texas

Mark Henry's mother, Barbara Mass, who has been a tremendous influence in his life, said "strong discipline and lots of love" is what she raised Mark and his brother, Patrick, on. "I didn't give them time to rebel".

Taka Michinoku is considered one of,  the best cruieser weight pure wrestlers in the world.
Currently Taka holds the WWF Cruieser weight World Championship.
 One of the only wrestlers in the world to perform a no-hands springboard top rope flying cross-body to the floor.
Tiger Ali REAL NAME: Gurjit Singh Hans, better known as 'Mick'
                   BORN: March 9, 1971 in Toronto, Ontario  6'5" 285 pounds AKA: Tiger Jeet Singh Jr.
                   In his first match as a pro, Tiger teamed with his father, the legendary Tiger Jeet Singh in Japan's FMW against Onita and Tarzan Goto in November 1992.
There was never any doubt in Sexton Hardcastle's mind that he was going to wrestle someday. "I was going to be a pro wrestler and people would laugh and say, 'Oh you can't do that'." Now at 245 lbs, Hardcastle who is from Toronto, is realizing his dream. At age 17, Hardcastle entered and won a contest in the "Toronto Star" which asked combatants to write about becoming a professional wrestler. A winner of that contest, He is a wrestling promoter's dream come true. He is young, good looking, charasmatic, talented, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to watch in the ring. He loves the fans and they love him.... "I was sitting in those seats years ago," he says. "I know what it's like."... His advice for anyone with a dream is to, "just never give up. If it's what you want to do, then do it. Don't care about what anybody says, just do it."
Other members of the WWF's Funking Dojo

 Shawn Stasiak
 Rodney Blackbeard
 Robert Maillet
 Achim Albreicht
 Matt Bloom
 Darren Drosdov
  Sean Morley
 Steve Blackman

Welcome Speech 1/4/98 by WWF Executives Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard


Coach Patterson                 Coach Prichard             Coach Funk

Professional wrestling is a highly complex sport that might seem to a newcomer like it would be hard to learn. Well, let me tell you in no uncertain terms, "It is very hard to learn," yet the fundamentals, as in any other sport, can be taught to persons who have physical ability and are willing to practice. The WWF's Funking Dojo is designed for wrestlers just beginning, the intermediate, and the advanced to make the climb to the winner's platform. Ten steps are presented in the order in which they will be taught. You should begin with step 1, and continue until you master the techniques. We will progress through each stage until completion of step 10.

As the practice sessions progress and you learn additional techniques. You should incorporate all of the earlier techniques learned into the more advanced wrestling practice sessions.

Many of the techniques I will teach in this first stage use basic positions and movements that are added to in latter stages. Wrestlers should go slowly in learning these basic wrestling skills. Beginners do not need to be impressed by a wide range of possibilities, but they do need to build a sense of confidence in the basics. They will win many matches with the beginning techniques shown in the earlier stages.  Actually, a wrestler could be quite successful if he became expert only in the moves illustrated in the early stages of practice.

Even intermediate and advanced wrestlers should be drilled on the skills we cover in the early stages of practice. When wrestlers have time to themselves and are not performing they often forget many important coaching points that lead to their success.

We will work through ten steps that should be climbed one at a time. Proper wrestling regalia and wrestling costume and equipment are introduced first because of their obvious necessity. Stance and movement for the neutral, down, and top positions will be illustrated along with appropriate drills. We will learn proper positioning for take downs, reversals, and escapes. How do you control a man from the offensive and defensive positions? How  you control yourself in the offensive and defensive position is as important as controlling your opponent.

We will learn the Wizzer, (Invented by The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Wizzer White who was a wrestler) and we will learn Bob Geigel's reversal of Wizzer White's Wizzer)

I look forward to working with all of you at the WWF's Funking Dojo.
Do your best / Ganbate Kudasai / Has lo mejor que puedas
Dory Funk Jr.

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