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To Die Happy

Jayole Bate Speaks to Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon and Dixie aka - Jayole Bate

When Dixie aka, Jayole Bate, our sixteen year old Women's Champion first came to the Funking Conservatory,
she said, "If I could just meet Mr. McMahon and Stephanie in person, I could die happy." That opportunity came
soon when the Funking Conservatory team traveled to Daytona for a Smackdown Brand show.

Sixteen year old Dixie (Women's Champion) aka Jayole Bate

After her recent victory over BoneCrusher at our !BANG! Television Taping, Dixie (Jayole Bate)
had a message for Mr. McMahon. In the words of Jayole Bate:

"I want to dedicate my victory to the one person who has inspired me, to be the professional wrestler
I am today, and that person is Mr. Vince McMahon."

"Mr. McMahon there is a new dawning, a new era in Professional Wrestling and that is of a younger,
more athletic, more care free generation and that generation is coming a lot sooner than anyone expected
it to come."

"And one more thing Mr. McMahon, I just wondered why you want all those old hags, When
you can have Jayole Bate."

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