Gunslinger Rap
Future Pro, Sheldon Funk Dustman and Dick Murdoch

Wow, You Really Look Good!!!

Dick, I have an idea. we're going to go through the entire crew of wrestlers here and tell each  one  just how good they look. Ask them if they have been working out, Tell them they look pumped up, Ask them what kind of diet they have been on, compliment them in any way you can. I'll bet you that not one single wrestler will return the compliment and say, "How good we look."

Dick loved the idea and we made the rounds. Just as I said, not one wrestler returned the compliment to Dick or myself. We got lots of comments like, "Oh, well, yes, I have been on a special workout." " It's the special protein supplement I have been on." Many just said, "thank you very much."

Dick and I were having a ball telling wrestlers just how good they looked. Even the Godwins thanked us for the compliments. As we left the last dressing room we saw George "The Animal" Steel walking down the hallway. I was the first to speak, "George Steel, Wow, You really look good tonight." Dick Murdoch chimed right in, "George, you must have been working out. Have you lost some weight?"

George looked at the two of us, hesitated for just a moment, then said, "Listen you two, "Any time someone comes up to me and says how good I  look, I know it's a rib!!! I'm not buying this. No body in their right mind tells me I'm looking good."

We all three had a good laugh in the hallway that night. Dick and I told George about all the boys who believed we were serious.

The call came for Dick to go into the ring that night. Marti and I stayed to watch his match. Dick was an incredibly strong man. He had natural strength. I remember Dick picked up Henry Godwin that night, gave him an airplane spin and dumped him over the top rope. It was quite a feat for someone whose training regimen included lifting more Coors beer than dumbbells.

It was a long drive back to our home in Ocala that night so we left early. Thinking we would see Dick again soon. On the way back, we laughed about all the good times we have had just knowing Dick Murdoch.

"Good by Friend and thanks for all the good times"
Royal Rumble, Tampa Florida - 1996
It was the last time we saw Dick Murdoch.
And Good by to all my friends


Photos by Marti Funk

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