Daffey Duck Speaks

About Professional Wrestling

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What did you say when you gave a joint to Cactus Jack in the bowels of the building? Daffey Duck

What do you think of Trish Stratis's "Boobs?"  Daffey Duck

May I introduce you to Mae Young? Daffey Duck

What would you say if you came home and caught your wife in bed with "The Monster Kane? Daffey Duck

Frank Gotch was the greatest wrestler of all time. Daffey Duck

Hogan is at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, not the Spectrum in Philadelphia! Daffey Duck!

Welcome to TNA Wrestling in Orlando. Daffey Duck

And what did you say when Edge caught you in Lita's dressing room?  Daffey Duck

Rico Constantino says even though he is a hair dresser, He is straight. Daffey Duck

What did you say when Samoa Joe said, "You are a stupid idiot?" Daffey Duck

How did you greet Jeff Jarrett?  Daffey Duck

You are going to have to job for Norman Smiley.  Daffey Duck

What is your opinion of the Spirit Squad?  Daffey Duck

Pro-wrestling is real.  Daffey Duck

What do you think of Stacy Kiebler's legs?   Daffey Duck

What happened to cause you to wreck Undertaker's Harley?  Daffey Duck

Undertaker will kill you.   Daffey Duck

Kane is going to zap you.  Daffey Duck

Jeff Hardy goes over the Big Show.   Daffey Duck

How did you feel when Lita slammed her dressingroom door in your face?  Daffey Duck

What did you tell The Big Show when he laughed at your skinney neck? Daffey Duck

Get your hands out of Shane McMahon's pocket.  Daffey Duck

What do you think of all the gimmick matches on TNA? Daffey Duck

What did you think of Stamford Ct.?   Daffey Duck

And What did you say to the Billionairess, Stephannie McMahon? Daffey Duck

Did you know Mr. McMahon would like to ring your neck?  Daffey Duck

Mr. McMahon is right behind you.  Daffey Duck

And what do you think of ECW?   Daffey Duck

Rob Van Dam called you a "Loudmouth Bastard."  Daffey Duck

This Interview is over, I've got better things to do.  Daffey Duck

Daffey, "You Suck."   Daffey Duck

It is all a "Work."  Daffey Duck

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