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Ladies, Laders and Legends

Sunday, April 25, 2004
Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida.

Match - 1 
Television Championship Handicap Match, Magnum the Giant (7' 2" - 320 Pounds) Vs Kid Destiny and Bret Van Michael. Destiny and Michael's tried there best to keep Magnum off his feet during the match but The Giant was just too much to handle.
Destiny missed a spectacular 450 Degree Somersault with Magnum the Giant catching him around the throat and chokeslamming him. Michael's then came off the top rope but was caught by a chokelam also. Spectacular work by all three men, but in the end Giant was just too much and retained the TV Championship.

Interview segment with The Royal Stud Adam Windsor. The crowds that come month after month to The Dory Funk Arena are really giving Windsor some Heat. Tonight Windsor Introduced two new members to "Royal Stud Enterprises", the first being Missy Hyatt's Dog Milo, and the second being University of Florida Track athlete Gabrial. When Windsor asked Gabrial what she though of all the Rednecks in the audience tonight, she commented that she was a Redneck and that she thought Windsor was just a snob. She also said that people like Missy Hyatt that are from New York should stay there. In the end Windsor ended up destroying Gabrial, coming off the top rope with a viscous fist drop to the face. As he was about to then level her with a chair, the 328 Pound Simba hit the ring, only to be destroyed by the Royal Stud. Windsor then turned around and was hit with a flying spear by former University of Minnesota Football quarterback Flex Cassidy. Cassidy then told Windsor that he was going to be his worst Nightmare.

Match - 2. 
Women's Championship match - Missy Hyatt Vs The Claw.
Adam Windsor was the special guest referee in this match, and certainly showed that he was on Missy's side. In the end, Windsor threw some kind of object to missy. Windsor held The Claw, and missy opened the object up and took out a whole handful of powder. She went to throw it At The Claw, but she ducked and hit Windsor in the eyes Blinding him. From There Gabrial returned and with the Claw holding Missy, Gabrial went to hit Missy, but she moved, Gabial hit the Claw, and Windsor nailed Gabrial and then counted The Claws Shoulders down,
Missy Hyatt is now official the Women's Champion Of The Funking Conservatory.

Match - 3
Bret Van Michael won the hard core championship title in a match against Kid Destiny.
Magnum The Giant was the guest referee in this match, and these guys certainly did not disappoint. In the end, Destiny went for a splash off the top rope, but Michael's got his knees up and Destiny with his finishing move, The Van Michaelator (Modified Rock Bottom).  Bret Van Michael's is the new Bang hard-core Champion.

Match - 4  David Flair Vs Dory Funk, Jr.
David Flair refused to wrestle unless Adam Windsor was the referee. This match was phenomenal. Both men took it to each with echoing chops from flair, and unbelievable stiff forearm uppercuts from Funk.
Funk Had the Spinning toe hold on Flair, but Flair Kick him off and Funk hit Windsor. Funk turned around and Flair chop blocked his leg and put on The Figure Four.
After only about two-seconds of Funk Being in the figure four,, Windsor called for the bell declaring that Funk had submitted. (Shades of Vince McMahon, Bret Hard and Shawn Michael's) 

Match - 5 
NWA North Florida Championship Wrestling's Kevin Rhodes defeats Macho Morales.
Another solid match, with an amazing finish. Rhodes had Morales by the arm, climbed to the top, walked the ropes and jumped backwards with a top rope leg drop landing on the arms of his opponent. Great finish.

Match - 6 
Three way ladder match for the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship. Adam Windsor vs Li'l Wahoo McDaniel vs 300 pound Simba.
It was announced that Simba could not compete because of the beating he had received earlier in the night from Windsor. So McDaniel and Windsor went at it with some old school wrestling at first before the ladder was brought it.
Both men constantly were trying to get the belt but constantly fell short as there opponent just would not let them. At one point McDaniel got his fathers Indian Strap and starting whipping the living hell out of Windsor. Windsor ended up come back and actually tying McDaniel up to the ladder with the strap so he could not move. Windsor then climbed the other side of the ladder but a Beat up Simba came out right before Windsor got the belt and knocked him off the ladder with a chair. Simba then proceeded to climb the ladder but not get the belt. Instead he splashed little Wahoo from the top of the ladder. 
Windsor then hung Simba by Wahoo's strap and attempted to send Wahoo into the ladder which was set up in the corner, however there was a double reverse and the referee got knocked down. Wahoo then send Windsor face first into the ladder and a revived Simba Slingshotted Windsor into the ladder. Both Wahoo and Simba then attempted to climb each side of the ladder, and they fought on the top of it eventually with Wahoo knocking Simba off and grabbing th belt. However the referee was still down and with Wahoo trying to revive him David flair came out and kick the hell out of Wahoo. Flair then picked up a bloody Windsor and gave him the belt and told him to climb the ladder. Flair revived the referee and he saw Windsor on top of the ladder with the belt and called for the Bell.
The Royal Stud retains The Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship.

Professional Wrestling returns to the Dory Funk Arena at Skatemania on Sunday May 9, doors open at 6:00pm and show time is 7:00pm. Adam Windsor will defend his Funking Conservatory World Championship against Giant Magnum. The Hardcore Legend, Steve Corino will be there. Gabrielle, Missy Hyatt, The Claw and Simply Luscious will be there. Flex Cassidy, Dory Funk Jr. and many more will be there. To reserve discount tickets go to

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