Funk's Corner - Original Oil by John E. McKinley

Press Release from the Funking Conservatory

Dory Funk Jr. will appear on TNA's Impact wrestling show this Saturday on Spike TV at 11:00pm. Dory was asked by the Host of the press conference, Mike Tenay who he would favor in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match between the Champion, Jeff Jarrett and the Challenger, Christian Cage.

Mike Tenay remarked that Funk could be the best judge since He had wrestled Jeff Jarrett and Christian Cage was in Funk's Funking Dojo when Funk was training wrestlers with then WWF.

Despite being rudely interrupted by Jeff Jarrett on several occasions, Funk held his temper and was objective in his choice as to who he thought would win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at "Against All Odds."

To see who was the pick of the former NWA World Champion watch Impact on Spike TV this Saturday Night at 11:00pm.



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