"Support the Troops 7, Global Combat."  SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23 

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Il Marchese, Riccardo Musazzi with Stephania vs Kory Chavis with Shannon Marie


Cat Fight - From Support the Troops 7 - More Video Coming Soon


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The  return of the "Triple Crown Match"
 to determine the " Winner Take All"
Dory Funk will be the FINALE decider of the " Triple Crown Winner Take All" Match
Triple Crown, Winner Take All
World Title, International Title and U.S. Title at stake -
Johnny Magnum (Funking Conservatory World Champion) vs England's Reece Royal (International Champion) vs Blain Rage (U.S. Champion)
plus : Jag Gonzalez from Ocala,,
The Claw from New York,
Jon Davis from Jacksonville, 
Shannon Marie from Venice, Fl,
the "Soul Assassin" from Richmond, Va, 
il Marchese from Italy with Miss Stefania,
the "Angel of Darkness" from Iran
"Support the Troops 7, Global Combat" comes to the Funking Conservatory, Ocala, Florida Saturday September 23, Showtime is 7pm and doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $10 purchased in advance and $15 at the door. For ticket information, call 352-895-4658

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Support the Troops 6  

"Global Warning"

!BANG! TV 24/7 - Producer Marti Funk

Video taped 9/3/06 Funking Conservatory in Ocala, Florida

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Samoa Joe

Support the Troops 6, Global Warning Interviews

Johnny Magnum and Reece Royal Clash at the Funking Conservatory

Johnny Magnum and Reece Royal - Second Altercation

Johnny Magnum and Reece Royal Clash again with Blain Rage and The Claw

"Joe is Going to Kill You"

 (Lumberjack Rules)

Dory Funk Jr. vs Samoa Joe

Dory Funk Jr. vs Jeff Jarrett

Triple Crown Championship

Johnny Magnum vs Reece Royal vs Blain Rage

TV Championship

David Roller vs Jeff Gonzalez

Hardcore Championship

Lord of Discipline vs Jon Davis

European Championship

Angel of Darkness vs Kory Chavis

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!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!

Samoa Joe at the age of 27 years old has rocketed to the top in professional wrestling.

Samoa Joe currently wrestles for TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling and since signing with the company is undefeated.

Samoa Joe is from Huntington Beach California and made his first public performance at the age of 5 in the 1984 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Joe went on to become a California State Junior Judo Champion and was an all league football player in high school.

Samoa Joe turned pro-wrestler in 1999 wrestling on the California Independent Circuit, then signed a WWE developmental contract. His first professional wrestling feud was with John Cena.

Samoa Joe debuted in Japan for Shinya Hashimoto’s ZERO ONE promotion. Joe is a world renowned wrestler at such a young age having also wrestled in England and Australia.

Samoa Joe has impressed wrestling fans with an extremely stiff and hard-hitting wrestling style reminiscent of the Legend, Johnny Valentine.

To Samoa Joe's credit is a 21 month reign as Ring of Honor World Champion establishing that belt as a highly prized world championship and himself as a main event performer everywhere he travels.

On June 19, 2005 Joe debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling at the TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view, defeating Sonjay Dutt in a match that saw him dubbed "The Samoan Submission Machine".

At TNA Bound For Glory on October 23, Joe defeated the veteran Japanese junior heavyweight Jushin "Thunder" Liger with the rear-naked choke, causing Liger to pass out.

In what may have been Samoa Joe's most impressive matches at TNA he holds victories over Christopher Daniels, Sabu and Scott Steiner. That says a lot about his wrestling ability.

Samoa Joe has no heart as evidenced at TNA when Joe wrestling as Sting's partner against Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, Joe and Sting were victorious, but after the match, Joe left the ring and allowed Jarrett and Steiner to attack Sting.

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Johnny Magnum received a gash in his head that required ten stitches to close and he had cuts on his arm from the smashed beer bottle.
Chris Harris was also bleeding and it was un-clear if  Harris was cut by broken glass in the ring or an attack by Johnny Magnum.
Video of Support the Troops 5 is immediately below.
For more information on TNA's upcoming pay per views visit www.tnawrestling.com.

Support the Troops 5 - !BANG! TV 24/7

Video of AMW's Death Sentence on Dory Funk Jr. *** Russell Paul Williams vs Lord of Discipline  ***  Video of AMW Bashing Johnny Magnum with a Beer Bottle *** Video of Dory Funk Jr. and Jon Davis vs AMW *** Post Show interviews with Johnny Magnum and Dory Funk Jr. ***  Presentation of a Special Championship Belt to "The Claw."



America's Most Wanted, Chris Harris and James Storm with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett


Johnny Magnum and Dory Funk Jr.. Watch Video of Johnny Magnum vs Lonnie Valdez


Dory Funk Jr. with a Rear Face Lock on Chris Harris at Wrestling Legends in Tampa, Florida. Watch Dory Funk Jr. with Bob Backlund vs Fujinami and Steve Keirn.



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Road Warrior Animal and Hawk vs Dory and Terry Funk