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A "Chicken Wing" saved my life
Chuck Reid also known in Japan as Bob Chuck, cousin of Bob Sapp

Chuck Reid is a former student here at the Funking Conservatory. He has been wrestling in Japan as Bob
Chuck, cousin of Bob Sapp. They have been featured together in many Japanese publications. Last night
we received the following e-mail from Chuck.

  Every Saturday night I work as a bouncer in a Latino disco here in
Japan. Last night I had to remove a troublemaker from the club. In
the process of doing so, I caught the eye of a very lovely young lady
who was working that night as the guest singer. The troublemaker
returned to the club several hours later, and had a conversation with
the guest entertainer as she took a break outside. He informed her
of the large knife he had hidden inside of his jeans and his plan to kill
me once I stepped outside. At 7:00am the troublemaker/would-be
killer came into the club looking for me, I guess he got tired of waiting
for me to come outside. As he came toward me, I  sidestepped, and
placed him in a double armed chicken wing. The same technique, Dory
once demonstrated. Once I got his attention, I released one arm, and
applied the one arm chicken wing. I did a search of  his body with my
free hand, and discovered a large butchers knife hidden beneath his
shirt. After discovering the intended weapon, I applied the choke hold
from hell to him.  I'm sure when he wakes up, he is going to have
one heck of a headache.
  So I write this letter to say "Thank you Dory," who would have
thought that a simple wrestling technique know as the chicken wing
would come in so handy.

Chuck Reid

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