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He Forgot His Underwear?

WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard Comes to the Funking Conservatory
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In the Fall of 1956 on a Saturday night, my friend from high school Leonard Miller
was staying over at the Flying Mare Ranch in Umbarger, Texas.

My father was wrestling that night in Hereford, Texas just 16 miles down the road.
It was always a thrill for my high school friends to go to wrestling.

The Hereford Lions Club was the sponsor of professional wrestling in the Hereford
Bull Barn. Mr. Doul was the promoter and representative for the Lions Club.

The card was Bob Geigel and Dory Funk Sr. vs Rip Rogers (Eddie Graham) and Art Nelson.
Two out of three falls one hour time limit.

Ricky Romero vs El Gordo.
Two out of three falls 45 minutes time limit.

The opening warm up match was Bob Geigel vs Art Nelson, One fall ten minute time limit.

That was the whole card.

Referee that night was our high school freshman football coach, John Ussury, Son of the
promoter in Littlefield, Texas John Ussury Sr.

John was small but a good athlete having played halfback for The Eastern New Mexico
University Lobos the previous year. John was prematurely bald and we often called him
Chrome Dome.

It was always fun in the dressing room. Hereford had an easy attitude, No big time pressure,
just a fun night.

When the main event went into the ring, my friend and I had front row seats. In the third and
final fall, all four men were in the ring at once and John was trying to push Bob Geigel back to
his corner when Eddie Graham reached up and grabbed John by the back pocket of his referee
pants and yanked hard. The The whole ass came out of his referee pants and to the shock of
all the fans he had no underwear on. John Mooned everybody in the Hereford Bull Barn.

My friend and I were falling off our seats laughing along with the fans.

Shortly thereafter, Dory Funk Sr. won the match with the spinning toe hold. The referee
continued the match even holding Dory Sr. and Bob Geigel's hand up seemingly never knowing
his pants were torn and his ass was hanging out.

As we returned to the dressing room, Dory Sr., Ricky, Bob Geigel and John Ussury were setting
around laughing. John was holding a pair of blue underwear in his hands. The Promoter,
Mr. Doul came into the dressing room and demanded an explanation.

Coach Ussury looked up and said, "Would you believe this is the first time I ever forgot to put my
under tights on before going into the ring?"


WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard Comes to the Funking Conservatory
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