In Funk's Corner

Who Will Wear the Belt?

The "Franchise Player"

Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship

On June 15, Adam Windsor will put it all on the line when he faces Osamu Nishimura in the featured match on the !BANG!
television tapings for the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship.

NWA/TNA will debut on June 19th. In the run for the Gauntlet, Someone will walk away with the new NWA World
Heavyweight Championship.

Who will be the "Franchise Player?" for their respective companies.

Windsor and Nishimura will be a great wrestling match.

So will be the "Run for the Gauntlet."

Currently announced for the competition for the NWA / TNA World Championship in the Gauntlet for the Gold are, Rick
Steiner, Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Gran Apolo, Brian Christopher, and Marcus Bagwell.

How far can they go?

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