Coach's Report
Dory Funk Jr. - Coach of WWE Pro's and Rookies

November 2009

Pros and Rookies on NXT

* Matt Hardy WWE Pro with Justin Gabriel - (Justin Angel) Rookie -  Justin is on the injured list with a strained knee. He is our champion and rated # 1 talent in Developmental and deservingly so. Justin has a tendency to go outside the ring to get his matches over when his skills are most appreciated in the ring.

C. M. Punk WWE Pro with Darren Young (Fred Rosser) Rookie - Darren Along with Nick McNiel form a charismatic tag team combination. Fred is strong boy lifting Trent Berretta all the way up on his shoulder with a short arm scissors. Fred has marketing appeal that can be developed.

R. Truth WWE Pro with David Otunga (Dawson Alexander) David Talks well on the mike, Excellent appearance on ring entrance and good work in the ring. David in the ring with good talent will have good matches.

* Chrisian WWE Pro with Heath Slater - Heath recently returned from the company partly restricted with an injury to his eye. Heath is a good worker. I also had the chance to see Heath on interviews and He did a good job under some pressure.

* William Regal WWE Pro with Skip Sheffield - Skip is a big strong "Hard Hitting" worker who can get over. Skip has some rough edges, a tendency to miss charging moves too often when turning the heat. With some guidance, Skip can be a strong asset for the company.

* Carlito WWE Pro with Michael Tarver - Michael is a "Bad Ass Heel." and conscientious worker always trying to improve his skills. Michael has some unique moves and heel attitude that give the image that he is "No One to Mess With."

Chris Jericho with Wade Barrett - Wade works the style and has the appearance of Billy Robinson. Wade is very good on the microphone. Wade moves with confidence and wrestling skills to back it up. Wade's work style is a mixture of European and American.

*  WWE Pros Trained by Dory Funk Jr.