The Claw Officiating on TNA's EXPLOSION

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Photo Credit to Bill Otten, Orlando Florida

Wrestling School Information (We train referees)





Officiating 101
West Texas State University
Teacher - W. A. Gus Miller

"A good referee will have a "Flair for the Dramatic."
Those were the words written on the blackboard.  I could see as I entered Athletic Director, Gus Miller's Officiating 101 Class. It didn't mean much to me at that time, other than I should know it would be on our test if Coach Miller thought it was that important. Now as we produce our !BANG! television show I know those words are critical to the success of a good referee.

He also stressed that the referee is the communicator between the action and the fans.

The referee is the authority and controls the level of intensity of the contest.

In the case of a good referee, "Timing is of the Essence."

In pro-wrestling, a good referee should not carry heat. That should belong to the "Heels."

I have worked with a few great referees, Tommy Young, Ron West and Charles Robinson.

Our Head Referee at the Funking Conservatory has been trained in the style of the above mentioned.

The Claw, Claudia Reiff comes to the Funking Conservatory from the University of Miami with a degree in physical education. She has officiated basketball in the Southeast Conference. The Claw has been trained in the style of Charles Robinson. While at University of Miami, The Claw studied sports medicine and when necessary she can tape an ankle or a knee for injury protection.