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J. J. Dillon

Party Time in Juarez

"Send me a week's advance pay and my transportation and I will come in and, "pop your territory." It was Abdulla the Butcher on the other end of the telephone conversation. My answer was, "Let me talk it over with my brother and I will be back in touch." Terry and I talked it over and decided to go for it. In the words of Dory Funk Sr., "He would book Satin himself if he would draw a buck."

Abdulla the Butcher and J.J. Dillon walked into the dressing room at the KFDA television in Amarillo, Texas. Terry dropped to his knees and said, "Dear Lord, I hope you guys draw money." The year was 1977. Terry had just lost the NWA world championship to Harley Race and returned home to the Amarillo territory. We needed a hot combination to keep the excitement going.

The best talker in the business was J.J. Dillon. The hottest heel available was Abdulla the Butcher. I had wrestled Butcher before a sell out crowd at the Calgary Stampede in 1972. I knew his wrestling style and box office attraction. Terry's concern was the size of the guarantee we had to shell out to put the combination together.

We had tapes in advance of Abdulla the Butcher smashing people. We also had interviews direct from the center of the ring in Tokyo Japan with J.J. Dillon. J.J. 's interview was this special message. He told all the stinky, smelly, obnoxious cowboys to take a bath and clean up for once in their life and come out and watch his 450 pound "Black Specimen," Abdulla the Butcher demolish the likes of Dick Murdoch, Ricky Romero, and the Funk Brothers.

                                                                Dick Murdoch     Abdula The Butcher

J.J. Dillon and Abdulla were an instant success drawing capacity business form the first day they arrived. For the record during their stay in the Amarillo territory on a weekly basis, they always earned more than their minimum guarantee.

The El Paso Coliseum in El Paso, Texas was sold out. Terry and I had already had our discussion with the local promoter, Gory Guerrero. We explained that the Butcher and Dillon would create havoc. They would fight outside the ring. Butcher's matches were often bloody. Security would have their hands full. He would have to hire extra protection. Ppeople would get pissed off. We also explained that The Butcher and J.J. Dillon would draw money. At the thought of drawing more money, Gory Guerrero was happy and said he would cooperate.

Dory Funk Jr & Ricky Romero

It was a wild match in El Paso between The Butcher and Ricky Romero. Butcher and Dillon were disqualified for outside interference and had left Romero lying in the ring. The people in El Paso were mad. The Butcher and Dillon were on the way back in the most dangerous position for a wrestler, between the ring and the dressing room. The heat has hot as a firecracker. I was there to help along with several of the other wrestlers. As the Butcher passed me with chairs, trash, and beer cans flying and fans cursing I could hear him yelling at the people but the words were for me. "The boots, my boots, boots, boots, where's my boots?" Only I understood and knew it was a reference to the Butcher's suggestion that I give him a present, a new pair of cowboy boots for all the money he was going to draw.

The Butcher not only demanded the highest guarantee ever for the Amarillo territory, advance pay, and special privileges but he also wanted me to buy him a new pair of cowboy boots!!!

El Paso was a fun place to work. After the matches on Monday nights we often went across the border to Juarez Mexico. There was great food and entertainment and the prices were a fraction of what it cost in the United States. Sometimes the boys went a little too far with the entertainment. I remember Gorgeous George Jr. smuggling a "hooker" back from Juarez in the trunk of his car. Stan Hansen and Terry returned from across the border one night after a little too much tequila and Stan kicked a plate glass door that resulted in a torn Achilles tendon, a missed trip to Japan, and about eight months recuperation.

Tonight was the night for J.J. Dillon and friends to celebrate. Dillon, Karl von Stieger, Ziegfrid Schtanke, and Ben Justice were headed across the border to do the night club scene. As the tequila, lime, and beer flowed, it was time for them to perform. All four were on the stage when Karl von Steiger got the urge to urinate and did so on stage in front of everyone. The Mexican police were called and all four were carted off for a night in the Juarez Jail.

J.J. Dillon's Hangout in Juarez???

How lucky they were the next day. J.J. wrote a note to local promoter Gory Guerrero with his telephone number on a scrap of paper. He passed it between the steel bars of the Juarez jail to a kid on the outside. The kid called Gory who in turn called me at the Del Camino Hotel in El Paso. I was in the car and on the way to the Juarez Jail. It was 2:00pm when I arrived. All four of these guys had to make the Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, Texas for the wrestling show on Tuesday night. (When J.J. Dillon saw me at the Juarez Jail with cash in hand, a broad smile came across his face and he said, "Dory, I am sooooo-- happy to see you.") $500 cash unlocked the steel bars of the Juarez Jail and we were on our way!!!

Karl von Stieger - Pissed on the stage

Back in El Paso at the Del Camino Hotel I opened the trunk of my car to load my bags for the trip to Odessa. There it was. Just what I had been looking for. An old beat up, cowshit soaked, weather beaten, pair of cowboy boots and the box that my brand new pair of boots came in. On the way to Odessa, I stopped and got some wrapping paper and a bow. I put the old shitty pair of cowboy boots in the new box and had it gift-wrapped. I filled out the card.

To Abdulla The Butcher,

From Dory Funk Jr.

The seed was planted that began the most famous feud in Japan in the '80's between The Funks and Abdulla the Butcher. (Abdulla didn't get the joke!!!)

Abdulla the Butcher slams a chair across my back

"No sense of humor"

!!! Ric Flair Exposed !!!


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