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Helen and Stu Hart

Bret, Bruce (Easy Rider), Dean and Owen Hart

The Hart Family

"Dory, This is Owen." I shook hands and said hello to this five year old sandy haired kid. "Hi Owen, how are you doing?"  I was the invited guest at
the Hart house for dinner.  There were hart Kids everywhere and remembering their names was nearly impossible at the time.  Owen was the
youngest. His eleven brothers and sisters cared that Owen not be left out or forgotten. Time and again one of the Hart kids would come up to me and
say again, "This is Owen."  I swear I met Owen ten times that day.  Every time, Owen would quietly shake my hand and acknowledge meeting me
again.  Even at the age of five it must have been a struggle for recognition for the youngest of twelve Hart kids.

Owen Hart

I will never forget the love shared in this family.  The Rock hard handshake of Stu, the tender gentleness of his wife Helen and the outright closeness
and warmth of each of the kids.  Smith, Wayne, Ellie, Diane, Ross, Dean, Bruce, Bret, Georgia, Ellison, Kieth, and Owen.  Each summer for the next
five years I spent a week at the Calgary Stampede with this beautiful loving family.


Bruce Hart is coming to the March eddition of The Funking Conservatory.

Bruce is an accomplished wrestler and will perform on our !BANG! Television
show on March 30th. Bruce will also be in the Funking Conservatory training
camp demonstrating shoot style wrestling as taught to him by his father the
legendary Stu Hart.

The main event on the March 30th !BANG! Television Show is a Texas
Death Match between Adam Windsor and Bobby Bonecrusher Smith.
Also featured on the card will be our Women's Champion, Cleopatra.


In the words of Bruce Hart.

Dear Dory - Hi, I trust this finds you and Marti in excellent health and spirits. I read your article on the
Harts, the Stampede parade and what-not, and must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, I liked
your recollections of the Stampede parades - In retrospect, we've often wondered if Stu didn't plan some
of the mishaps and mind-boggling bleeps, blunders and screw-ups that seemed to invariably occur.
We've come to the conclusion that he saved his best efforts for you and Terry.

I remember when he brought Terry up in '76 for Stampede Week - That proved to be one of the all-time
most outrageous of all Stampede scenarios. I recall picking Terry up at the airport the night before the parade
and Terry, naturally wanted to do the bar scene to get into the right mood or whatever. After about 20 to 30
beers and assorted other libations, Terry and I set out for Stu's at about 3:00am, to catch perhaps 2 or 3 hours
of sleep before the parade. Both of us were pretty hammered and I remember, at Terry's insistence, running a
red light not far from Stu's. We figured there ain't no cops gonna be out at this time of night. Naturally, the cops
pulled us over and, to their surprise and mine to, Terry regaled them with some horror story about me having
scared the daylights out of him with my wild and reckless driving. Only after excessive persuasion and the fact
that the cop was a wrestling fan, was I able to keep both terry and myself from getting locked up. The parade
itself was even more interesting. Stu must have pulled out all the stops for Terry to provide damn near every
freak and misfit in the business - including Andre the Giant, the 800 lb.. each McGuire Twins, the midgets,
Ripper Collins, four chronically nagging lady wrestlers, strippers and a host of other unconventional and invariably
inept supporting actors.

As usual, Stu had to butt in out of turn with his float, (The ring full of wrestlers pulled by some contraption) a couple
of convertibles, a few guys (Terry and some strippers on horses), and the McGuire twins on mini-bikes. The parade
marshall, as you can imagine was seething when he saw us where some high school marching band was supposed to
be. Stu, had stretched one of the boys on the float, and  was waving to the throngs of people; one of the McGuire
twins had a flat on his mini-bike and had to waddle along after the float. (he was to inept to get on it) and soon blew up
and nearly died; the stripper, Babette Bardot was thrown by the horse she was riding and shaken up and got hysterical;
and eventually, near the most crowded part of the parade route, the shit-box pulling the wrestling float overheated or
blew a gasket or something and limped to a stop, holding up the whole parade, right in front of not only all the live
audience, but the national television audience as well. Terry, who I think was on the horse, got an enormous kick out
of all the wrestlers disembarking from the float and trudging the rest of the route, while Stu berated one of his inept
mechanics for the vehicle breaking down, while cops and parade marshalls gnashed their teeth and promised the old
usual threat that they'd never let us near the parade again... Anyway, only you could appreciate something like that.

Before I forget, I also wanted to thank you for the Percival A. Friend update - it was most illumination, finding out
what had become of all the distinguished cast of the old Amarillo Territory - there were quite a few names in there
I hadn't heard for years. Incidentally, what ever became of people like Cyclone Negro, Swede Hansen, Rip Hawk.
Bobby Duncum, Bob Ellis, Danny Little Bear, Dennis Stamp, Killer Karl Kox., Scott Casey, Randy Colley, Ricky
Romero, Don Jardine, Benny Ramirez, Ricky Starr and the immortal and immoral Dr. Jerry Graham?

Thanks, once again, for everything - you remain the epitome of class and decency in the wrestling business, and
someone we're proud to be able to call a friend. Take care, my friend, and do keep in touch.

Bruce Hart

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