!BANG! TV Presents:
Support Your Troops 61, "Hell's Bells II"
Show Date December 31, New Year's Eve 2010
From the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida
Producer, Marti Funk

Leo Cristiani vs Cowboy Shance Williams and Tyler Cross

Cowboy Shance Williams vs Johnny Romano

Hard-Core Championship Inside a Steel Cage
Luke Spencer (Champion) vs Andra "D Soul" Smith

Women's Championship Match Inside a Steel Cage
Claudia "The Claw" Reiff (Champion) vs Cassie "Crush" Ryan 

For the Funking Conservatory World Championship
Karl "Maddog" Madetzke (Champion)

Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Arachna Man
Fushicho Masuku (Immortal Mask) and Heartless, Maddog Madetzke & Luke Spencer