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The Hardy Boyz book reaches number 7 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

There are two sections of the book describing first The Funking Dojo experiences of Mat and Jeff
Hardy training with Dory Funk, then Lita's trip to the Funking Conservatory in Ocala, Florida.

Matt Hardy mentions the roster at the first training camp which is quite impressive. Jeff, Matt, Kurt
Angle, Christian, Shawn Stasiak, Mat (A-Train) Bloom, Test, Giant Silva of The Oddities, Glen Kulka
and Teddy Hart, nephew to Bret and Owen Hart.

Matt says, "In the end, of course, all of us bonded in the biggest way." Matt talks bout the drills we
do in training including the "Bull in the Ring Drill known to all trainees." Jeff talks about the chain wrestling
drills and another specialty, Sic-um, designed to keep you alert and paying attention even if you are
getting a drink of water.

The Hardy Boyz also talk about how they were impressed with what a class athlete Kurt Angle was in
adapting his amateur wrestling skills to those of a professional wrestler.

Enter Lita - The book tells of how Amy Dumas (Lita) was working in ECW for a year, but got her break
when she came to the Funking Conservatory. Tapes of her were sent direct from the Funking Conservatory
to WWE talent relations resulting in her being hired.

Adam Windsor, currently assistant coach at the Funking Conservatory was one of many talented athletes
in camp with Lita.

 Lita - In the First Funking Conservatory (Photo by Marti Funk)


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