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!BANG! TV's "Road to Royal Combat"
The Pencil with Dory Funk Jr. (Announcing the Fighting Heart Award for Jerry Lawler)
Hard-Core Championship (Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore vs Brian "Hot Shot" Davis)
Cory "Wild" Weston and Danimal Svonavec with Tom Hassan
Andrew Kontantinov and Jake Logan with The Astonishing T. J. Blake

Florida Championship Match - Ron "The Man" Rymer (Champion) vs Romero Youngblood
Light Heavyweight Title - "Bulldog" Bryson Michaels vs Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore (Champion)

Interviews for Support Your Troops 91, "Royal Combat" With Jerry "The King" Lawler coming to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday May 25th