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J.C. Dyckes, His Infernos and a Lord

Billy Garrett and Dick Murdoch were keeping up with the rapid pace of J.C. Dyckes' Infernos, Rocky Smith (Club Foot Inferno) and Frankie Cain. (Not to be messed with) The match at the studios of KFDA in Amarillo was intense as it was the first appearance on television for J.C. and his infernos. 

Earlier in the week it had been brought to Dory Funk Sr.'s attention that if J.C. Dyckes got into a position where he was drawing money, he could become a problem. Funk Sr. responded that if J.C. was drawing money, he would welcome any problems because the territory would be doing well. He also commented that he would use Satan himself if he would draw money. Dory Sr. also wanted an English Lord in the territory. Lord Blears and Lord Layton had drawn money in other territories.

The Infernos were moving fast and taking bumps. Dick Murdoch could stay right with them. Billy Garrett wanted to show that he could maintain the pace also. It was a short and spectacular match, as Murdoch and Garrett doubled up on Frankie Cain. J.C. was on the apron. Murdoch busted him and J.C. went flying. Dick followed J.C. to the floor. As a result of the pace of the match and his slight overweight condition, Billy Garrett was actually turning blue as his blood was being forced to his extremities by his rapidly beating heart. Frankie Cain hit Billy low and flying mared him over and took a rear chin lock. The Club Foot Inferno was in the ring, jumping up and down and tapping his club foot against the mat. Frankie Cain clinched up on Billy's neck turning his face a pulsating purple. The Club Foot Inferno with the now loaded boot kicked Billy right in the forehead. Frankie cut him deep across his forehead to the bone. Blood spurted from Billy's forehead. He was bleeding like a stuck pig. Blood was everywhere and covered Billy's entire upper body. The Club Foot Inferno was now tapping his heel against the mat to unload his boot. Frankie Cain covered for the win and the infernos were made as the top heel team in the territory. 

We were told by many this tape was too violent to be aired on television and some TV stations on the fringe of the territory refused to play the match. In the major cities throughout the territory Dory Funk Sr. accepted responsibility and aired the video tape in six of our major markets. Billy Garrett required ten stitches to close the wound.

With J.C. Dyckes and the Infernos and Lord Patrick Patterson (An English Lord with a Canadian accent) who had recently come to the territory from Roy Shire in San Francisco, the territory was hot for the next two years. 
Pat Patterson and Dory Funk Jr.

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