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Hard Core Training Camp

Funking Conservatory's Weekend Warriors

Dory Funk Jr. after infamous ECW Texas Barbed Wire Match

Terry Funk after infamous ECW Texas Barbed Wire Match

The Funking Conservatory will go hard core in the month of October. Weekend
Warriors is a program that will cover all aspects of "Hard Core" wrestling taught by
the man who taught Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr.

This special course will cover the safe use of the blade. How to make it and where to
keep it until you are ready to use it. How to get more blood and more out of the blood
you do get. We will cover sanitation and how to safely dispose of your blade. Every
one in the Funking Conservatory will have the opportunity to use the blade if they
choose under safe and monitored and sanitary conditions.

Learn how to put more excitement into your matches with the use of the blade. Learn
to bleed with no scaring. Learn how to safely take and give chair shots to the head.
Learn how to put someone through a table safely. Learn the art of miss direction when
using the blade. (Never get caught using the blade) Learn techniques that you can use
to scare the Hell out of your friends and family.

October at the Funking Conservatory is Hard Core month. In addition to our regular
program we will present a special hard core edition of the Funking Conservatory. Adam
Windsor will conduct one session dedicated to performing unusual hard core stunts
including techniques on his his now famous, ladder shot to the testicles. He will also
demonstrate his corner to corner drop-kick to a trash can that caroms into the head
of his opponent.

Would you like to know how to bleed properly and safely. How to hit with a trash can
properly and safely, how to bash someone properly and safely with a chair.

Also included in the course will be a very special hard core maneuver, mastered by
only a few. (J.C. Dyckes, Kane, Terry Funk, Ricky (The Dragon) Steamboat, and
The Original Sheik)

How to throw fire into your opponent's face and do it safely.

Adam Windsor - Demonstrates Safe use of Fire

Adam is a regestered magician.

October is Hard-core month at the Funking Conservatory.
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