In Funk's Corner

An Interview With Bevis and Butthead

Bevis and Butthead are big wrestling fans.
I had an opportunity to speak with them
at a WWE show the other day.

Butthead, What did you say to Stephanie when she became a Billionairess? Answer

We understand the Un-Americans were practicing their new gimmick
They call it (The Pledge of Un-Alegiance) Can you repeat what you heard them say? Answer

Is there anything you fellas need? Answer

What did you think of the Islanders doing the Frog Splash on Mae Young and Fabulous Moohlah? Answer

What is your opinion of Eric Bischoeff? Answer

How about Rob Van Damps Five Star Frog Splash? Answer

How do you view Trish Strattus? Answer

Trish Strattus, You have spurned the amorous advances of these two gentlemen. Answer

What did you say to Eric Bischoeff after he got kicked in the testicles by Stephanie? Answer

Any other comment on Eric Bischoeff? Answer

Joe Shmoe here has just been given a pink slip from NWA/TNA. Do you have a kind word for him? Answer

Bevis, you seem to have lost some weight.  Answer

Quite Frankly, Bevis and Butthead, I am tired of all your asinine remarks.
May I show you the door? Answer

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