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Going in Front of Talent Scouts

"Beware of the One Day Seminar"

If you have an opportunity to go in front of a talent scout for a Major Wrestling
Organization, the following phrase comes to mind -


Imagine the following situation -
You have dreams of wrestling for one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world,
a talent scout from that company is there to see YOU today.

This is your one shot at maybe getting a deal or signing a contract.

Its your turn to step into the ring. The talent scout tells you to perform the
following high spot:-


Take a headlock on your opponent, take him over twice, switch the headlock
to the other side, take a hammer lock, your opponent reverses the hammer lock and
takes you in a headlock. Throw your opponent off, take a tackle, hip lock your
opponent, then arm drag him keeping a hold of the arm.
Your opponent then gets back up, throws you off, you give the tackle, take the hip lock and the
arm drag. Get back up throw your opponent off, go to slam your opponent, he floats over,
goes for a roll up on you, you hold onto the ropes, he rolls back, you turn around and go for
a clothesline, he ducks you hit the ropes and you take the clothesline, your opponent rolls out
the ring, another one comes in and as he comes in you clock him with a clothesline and then
start the high spot over.


Here at the Funking Conservatory we are fortunate enough to have had many talent scouts pass
through. It was not too long ago in fact that one actually asked my students to perform a version of
the above high spot - at a moments notice - and that was only one exercise!!

If you have the opportunity to attend a one day seminar, or a two day seminar in front of an
important talent scout then you had better be ready. First impressions really do count. You don't
want to waste your money by paying to attend this seminar and not be ready. You don't want to
"blow" the first high spot the talent scout gives you.

You can never stop learning in professional wrestling, however one thing is for sure -
You need to be adept at the fundamentals and the basics. Good fundamentals and basic wrestling
skills will carry you through any situation you may encounter. Any talent scout will tell you this, and
that is really what they really want to see.

Just remember - Even a talent scout charges you to go in front of them, make sure you are ready,
and make sure that you are not wasting your money. I don't want to see your money go to waste
and you be taken advantage of, I also don't want to see you get milked out of your money by a
talent scout that has no interest of even signing you, or anybody else.

A talent scout is not there for the purpose of teaching, they are there for the purpose of seeing what
you have been taught.

Within the past five and half years I have had the honor of training over four hundred young
talents, many of them to this day are on National TV every week. I do all of the training myself.

If you want to get ready to go in front of a major talent scout, You should Join the Funking
Conservatory's  program. You will have the opportunity to work in front of
a live audience every week!!

We will get you ready and we will teach you what the talent scouts want to see.

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