!BANG! TV Complete Taping Results
February 22, 2003
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     "Cold War" kicked off with a 10 bell salute to Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig and The Funking Conservatory
"Fighting Heart" Award presentation to Bob Ryder of 1wrestling.com and NWA-TNA. The Award was
announced by Dory Funk Jr. and presented by Adam Windsor in recognition of Bob's dedication to the
development of young wrestling talent and in appreciation of his support of the Funking Conservatory as
a training center for young wrestlers. This distinguished ceremony was rudely interrupted when a young
"Streaker" Jonathan Murdoch Mallard entered the ring wearing a scarf around his neck. Jonathan
Murdoch was out of control running around the ring and through the fans until subdued by Coach Funk
and the Royal Stud Adam Windsor.

Match Results:

Just as the bell rang to start the first match, the "Streaker" returned wearing a scarf and evaded everyone
until being clocked by a clothesline by the Royal Stud. He was then removed from the scene by
Dory Funk Jr.

Adam Windsor def. Dirt
to retain Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship

Murder One def. Trevor Mercury

Sledgehammer def. Rick Santel
for the Funking Conservatory European Championship

Bonecrusher def. Menace II Society
for the Funking Conservatory Hardcore Championship

Dixie & Missy Hyatt both pinned Jane Doe at the same time
Dixie retains Funking Conservatory Women's Championship

Adam Windsor def. Chris Vaughn in a potential "match of the year"
to retain the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship

Red Power def. Bonecrusher with interference by Blackout
for the !BANG! TV Championship
(Red Power makes history by becoming first female TV Champion)

Rainman def. Menace II Society

Risky Business (Rick Santel & Chris Vaughn) def.
Sledgehammer & Trevor Mercury
to become new Funking Conservatory Tag Team Champions

Red Power & Blackout def. Dixie & Adam Windsor
in a Handicap Inter gender Tag Team Match
via interference by Bonecrusher & Missy Hyatt

Our next !BANG! TV taping will be March 22nd.
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