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Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     Hello all and welcome to the !BANG! TV report. Before I begin this week's report, I am pleased to announce that
the Big !BANG! is coming to Ocala, FL on Wednesday, May 28 at the brand new Dory Funk Arena. More on the Big
!BANG! later.
     Today's opening match was the Women's Hardcore Match for the Funking Conservatory Women's Championship.
The Women's Champion Dixie The Diva Of Domination (3D) was to defend her belt against The First Lady Of Wrestling
Missy Hyatt and the !BANG! TV Champion Red Power. WWE talent scout Dr. Tom Prichard would be the special guest
     Before the match started, Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion Bonecrusher cane into the ring and handed a
bouquet of flowers to Missy, who in return gave Bonecrusher a big hug. Once Bonecrusher left the ring, Red waked
over to Missy, grabbed the flowers, and started hitting Missy with the flowers. The match was underway.
     Both Red and Dixie grabbed hold of Missy and gave her a double DDT. Dixie picked up what was left of the flowers
and started hitting Red. As Dixie went to the top turnbuckle, Red ran to the corner and caught her with a handstand
hurricanrana. Red was next to go to the top turnbuckle and started swiveling her hips as she waited for Dixie to get up.
Once Dixie was up, Red came off the top turnbuckle with a double ax handle on Dixie.
     Red continued her attack on the Women's Champion by picking her up and executing the airplane spin before
slamming her to the mat. At that point, everyone expected to see Coach Dory Funk, Jr. with the trash can full of
hardcore weapons, but Dory came to the ring with a laundry basket full of different types of hardcore weapons.
     Missy tried to fend off Red by squirting her with a squirt bottle full of water. Red would try to wrap Dixie up with
red cling wrap. Missy kept on defending herself with a roll of wrapping paper, hitting both Red and Dixie. Red would
attack Missy with a plastic baseball bat in one hand and an oven mit on the other hand.
     After shoving Missy into Dr. Prichard, Red went after Dixie with a spatula, but Dixie ducked and smacked Red
over the head with an aluminum lasagna pan. Missy and Dr. Prichard could not get up due to rolling on top of each
other while trying to get up. As Red continued her assault on Dixie, she picked up something she could use to finish
off the Diva Of Domination, but it turned out to be a tube of lipstick.
     Red did however try to choke Dixie out with a bra. Red then picked Missy up off the mat wondering what was
going on. As Red and Missy argued, Dixie came up behind them and knocked their heads together. Dixie then picked
up red and used her finishing move, the pumphandle slam. Dixie covered Red for Dr. Prichard's three count and the
victory. Your winner and still Funking Conservatory Women's Champion, Dixie The Diva Of Domination.
     After commercials from the sponsors and Missy Hyatt, the next match on the program would be a grudge match
between the Funking Conservatory European Champion Sledgehammer and the Funking Conservatory Triple Crown
Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor.
     As Adam came through the curtains, he was jumped from behind by Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion
Bonecrusher and NWA Wildside's Blackout, Rainman and Murder One. Once they were done, they threw Adam into
the ring right into the hands of Sledgehammer.
     The European Champion placed Adam in the corner and gave him two huge chops. Sledgehammer then whipped
Adam into the opposite corner and caught him with a clothesline. Sledgehammer followed up with a huge suplex. Adam
started to fight back as Sledgehammer picked him up, but Sledgehammer countered with several blows to the head, a
whip into the ropes, and another clothesline on Adam followed up by an elbow drop. Sledgehammer went for the cover,
but Adam kicked out at two.
     Sledgehammer picked Adam up again and executed another high suplex. Sledgehammer went for another cover, but
Adam again kicked out at two. Adam was again picked up by Sledgehammer and thrown over the top rope out of the
ring. As Adam tried to get up, he was once again assaulted by Bonecrusher, Rainman, and Murder One. The trio once
again threw Adam back into the ring right to Sledgehammer, who went for the cover. Adam somehow kicked out at two.
     As Sledgehammer picked Adam up again, Adam finally made his move with several blows to the midsection before
getting into a slugfest with Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer knocked Adam back down and went for another cover, but
Adam kicked out at two once more. Sledgehammer whipped Adam into the ropes and caught him with a clothesline
followed up by the Sledgehammer Elbow Drop. Sledgehammer thought he had the match won when he covered Adam,
but couldn't believe it when Adam kicked out again at two.
     Sledgehammer placed Adam on the ropes allowing Bonecrusher to get a cheap shot in. Sledgehammer tried for
another cover, but Adam kicked out at two. Sledgehammer then picked Adam up and dropped him with a big bodyslam.
Sledgehammer went for another cover, but the Royal Stud would kick out again at two.
     Sledgehammer placed Adam on the ropes again and called for Rainman to hold him up there. Sledgehammer went for
one more clothesline, but Adam ducked and Sledgehammer caught Rainman with the clothesline knocking him down on
top of Murder One and Bonecrusher.
     As Sledgehammer turned around, Adam gave him a kick in the midsection, picked him up in a familiar position that the
fans knew, and planted him on the mat with the Kryptonite Krunch. Adam made the cover for three. Your winner, The
Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor.
     The closing segment on today's show would be the Adam Windsor highlight video in which Adam shared how he came
all the way from Coventry, England to Ocala, FL to train with Dory Funk, Jr. and prove people wrong by living his dream
and becoming a professional wrestler. Nearly four years later, Adam HAS proven those same people wrong and IS living
his dream. I'll close the report by saying that I'm very very proud of him.
     The Big !BANG! is coming to Ocala, FL starting on Wednesday night, May 28. !BANG! will be coming from a brand
new Dory Funk Arena and will be having live wrestling action every Wednesday night starting on May 28. On May 28,
Adam Windsor will be defending the Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship against Murder One of
NWA Wildside's Blackout.
     The Diva Of Domination, Dixie, will defend her Funking Conservatory Women's Championship, Sledgehammer will
defend the Funking Conservatory European Championship, and there will be several other wrestlers on the card with The
Claw officiating the action.
     There will be more information coming on The Big !BANG! in the next few weeks. See you all next week with
another !BANG! TV report.

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