!BANG! TV Report
Airdates: April 14-18, 2003
 WOGX TV FOX 51 Ocala, FL
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     Hello and welcome to another edition of the !BANG! TV report. The next !BANG! TV taping titled "Fools
Be Damned" will be taking place on Saturday night, April 26, at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. The Royal
Stud Adam Windsor will defend his Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship against both members
of NWA Wildside's Blackout, Rainman and Murder One. Adam must beat both men in order to retain his title.
More on the card later.

     The matches on today's program took place at the NWA Wildside Arena in Cornelia, GA. The first match would
be a training match featuring the !BANG! TV Champion Red Power and the Funking Conservatory Women's
Champion Dixie The Diva Of Domination (3D). Coach Dory Funk, Jr. and Adam Windsor were at ringside and The
Claw was the referee.
     The match started off with Dixie applying a headlock on Red and following up with the headlock takedown. Dixie
would continue with the armdrag takeover followed up by two legdrops on Red's arm. Dixie tried to end the match
early with a pumphandle slam, but couldn't get the full effect from it.
     Red started to fight back with two elbow shots to Dixie's midsection. Red then threw Dixie into the ropes and both
women were in the criss cross with Dixie jumping over Red, Red leapfrogging Dixie, and Red hiptossing Dixie. Red
would follow up with an armdrag into an armbar. Red then started to pull on Dixie's arms while standing on her hair.
     Red stomped on Dixie's back before picking her up and giving her another armdrag and armbar. Red picked Dixie
up again and proceeded to slap her in the face before knocking her back down to the mat with three forearms. Red
then gave Dixie two bodyslams before picking her up in the airplane spin. Red went for the cover, but Dixie kicked
out at two.
     Red whipped Dixie into the ropes and bent down for a backflip, but Dixie countered with a sunset flip and rolled
up Red for the three count and the victory. As The Claw raised Dixie's hand, Red attacked her from behind and drilled
her to the mat with another bodyslam. Red then left the ring screaming profanity at Dixie. Dixie gave her an angry stare.
These two ladies would meet again.

     The next match would be a tag team match from the NWA Wildside Arena in Cornelia, GA. The Elite Swingers,
Michael Adrian and Vincent I. Pain, along with Scotty Smooth in their corner, would face the team of Dory Funk, Jr.
and The Royal Stud Adam Windsor. Dory and Adam would have Dixie in their corner.
     Before the match started, Red Power also came to ringside, but instead of standing with her Funking Conservatory
teammates, she stood along side of Scotty Smooth and the Swingers!!! This made Dory, Adam, Dixie, and even The
Claw who was referee for the match, very upset.
     Dory and Michael Adrian would start for their teams. Adrian immediately caught Dory with a kneelift to the
midsection. Dory retaliated with a kneelift to Adrian's midsection and followed up with the famous Funk forearm. Dory
gave Adrian three more Funk forearms to knock him down to the mat. Dory then knocked Adrian into the corner and
gave him more forearm shots to the midsection and followed up with the double arm suplex. Dory picked Adrian up and
applied an armbar, Dory would then tag The Royal Stud.
     Adam made his first appearance in the match by taking over on Adrian with an armtwist, but Adrian reversed the
armtwist and made the tag to his partner, Vincent I. Pain. Pain came in and immediately kicked Adam's arm. Pain applied
the armtwist, but Adam reversed the hold, whipped pain into the ropes, and caught him with a clothesline. As this was
going on, Dixie was chasing Scotty Smooth away from the action.
     Adam would continue his assault on Pain with a swinging elbow drop. Adam then placed Pain in the corner and
proceeded to chop him not once, but twice. Adam whipped Pain into the ropes and caught him with a backdrop. Adam
would then make the tag to Dory.
     Dory came back in and whipped Pain into the ropes then knocking him down to the mat with an elbow to the face.
Dory would continue with a bodyslam followed up with an elbow drop. Dory went for a cover, but Pain kicked out at
two. Dory picked Pain up and tagged Adam back in.
     Adam gave Pain two forearms followed up by two chops. Adam went to whip Pain into the ropes, but Pain reversed
the whip. As Adam bounced off the ropes, Red Power grabbed his foot and tripped him up. Adam looked at Red in
amazement wondering why she did it. While that was going on, Pain came up from behind and hit Adam in the knee with
a chop block before making the much needed tag to Adrian.
     Adrian went right to work on Adam's knee with three elbow drops right to the knee. Adrian held on to Adam's leg
while he tagged Pain back in. Pain took over with a kneedrop to Adam's knee. Pain went for the cover, but Dory broke
the count at two by stomping on pain. As The Claw tried to get Dory out of the ring, Adrian came back in and gave
Adam's knee a kick.
     Adrian picked Adam up and dropped the knee right across his leg and followed up with a version of the dragon
screw legwhip into a leglock. Adrian then pointed to Dory coming in the ring and then switched with Pain again while The
Claw wasn't looking.
     Pain placed Adam's leg on the bottom rope and came down on Adam's injured knee not once but twice. Dory tried
to come back into the ring again which distracted The Claw. As The Elite Swingers illegally changed again, Red managed
to slap Adam in the
face twice.
     As Adrian picked Adam up to give him more punishment, Adam fought back with shots to the midsection and ducked
a clothesline. Adam went to kick Adrian in the midsection, but Adrian caught his leg. Adam was able to catch Adrian
with the sigiry kick to the head. Both men were down on the mat trying to reach their respective corners. Both partners
were tagged in.
     Pain tried to rush Dory, but Dory caught him with a shot to the midsection and several of the Funk forearms knocking
him to the mat. As Adam stood up, Scotty Smooth grabbed him holding him for Adrian to get a shot in. As Adrian
charged, Adam moved and Adrian knocked Smooth off the ring apron onto the floor.
     After Adam clotheslined Adrian out of the ring, he and Dory gave Pain a double whip into the ropes and knocked
him down to the mat with the double punch, made famous by Dory and his brother Terry Funk. Once Pain was down,
Adam gave the signal and Dory applied the famous spinning toehold on Pain. Dory would have to spin five times before
Pain would tap out, giving Dory and Adam the victory in this hard fought match.
     After the match was over, a chase ensued out of the floor with Red Power and Dixie. The girls ended up in the ring
and the catfight began. Scotty Smooth tried to help Red with Dixie, but was having no effect. Both Red and Dixie
continued fighting while Dory and Adam took care of Scotty Smooth by throwing him out of the ring. Order was finally
restored as The Claw took hold of Dixie while Dory stepped in front of Red trying to keep the two women separated.

     The final segment on today's show was a video with highlights on the career of The Royal Stud Adam Windsor.
Adam talked about how he became a professional wrestler and of some of his inspirations being Shawn Michaels and
Bret Hart. Clips of some of his greatest matches were shown with opponents such as Chuck Reid, Chris Vaughn,
Bonecrusher, TNT Travis Taylor, U.K. Kid, and the great Osamu Nishimura.
     Adam also talked about how when people told him that he would never make it as a wrestler, he was going to
prove them wrong. The clip from August 28, 1999 was shown with 120 pound Adam Windsor and his tag team partner
Terry Sinner facing the team of Jeremy Jett and H.C. Loc. This was Adam's very first match. Both Jett and Loc
pummeled on Adam, but he would bounce back to help his team win the match.
     The next set of clips was from Adam's very first Florida title defense when he faced his mentor, Dory Funk, Jr..
Adam said that this was one of his toughest matches. Dory would have control through most of the match, but Adam
once again rebounded and defeated the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion with a submission hold to retain
the Florida Championship.
     I would like to close this week's report with my take on Adam Windsor. I was in the audience on the evening of
August 28, 1999. When Adam made his entrance to the ring, the fans looked at him and laughed. By the end of that
match, the fans weren't laughing at Adam any more. They were cheering for him. At that point, I knew this kid was
going to be a superstar.
     From that night on, Adam has grown not only as a wrestler, but as a man. I was very honored to be introduced to
him by my long time friends Dory and Marti Funk after the show. To this day, I am extremely proud to have Adam
as not only my favorite wrestler, but also as my friend. Not only has he proven his critics wrong, he has come a long
way and there is only one place he will go in the future, and that is straight to the very top of the wrestling business.
Adam Windsor is definitely living his dream.

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